Abigael Casey

Heya All! Obviously my name is Gayle, but I have a few aliases but I mostly use Chael O'Cathosaigh. I'm a 17 year old Aussie girl who is pasisonate about music, writing and art! Thanks for visiting my little gallery, Please dont' forget to leave a comment, it would be much appreciated, and then I'll know where to go to return the favour ^_^ Take Care, Chael


On a Bench

Written in 2003 as the Writing Task Response for the QCS Test. The theme was 'Faces', and it had to be approx. 600 words. I may upload the stimulus in the future. The stimulus I chose for this story was a picture and passage from 'Dorian Grey', a picture of a building facade, and a picture of the evil queen from Snow White looking in her mirror. A woman sits on a bench, reflecting on her life through the actions of those she is observing.

The Cloud

This was also written in late 2001, when I was in grade 10. Our unit of study was 'science fiction', and the first task (which unfortunately never got assessed) was to write a short story with one of a selection of bad things happening. I chose the 'A cloud of gas covers the sun and wipes out life as we know it' kinda thing. This is the result! Hehehe! I'm especially proud of the twist in the end! ^_^

Grave Errors

Written in late 2003 as a uni folio submission piece. Unfortunately, I didn't make it into the course, but I'm still very proud of this story. It had to be 600 words, and titled either 'Grave Errors', or 'The Wave'. No guesses for which one I picked! ^_^ It actually took me forever to decide which one I was going to do, and come up with a story. This is an original story, but thanks to Missy for Chael! ^_^ Please also check out the other submission piece, by going to my fiction press account, it's linked as my library on the main page! Unfortunately, it is not fantasy or sci-fi, so it cannot go on here, but I think it is one of my best pieces! If you comment there, don't forget to tell me you're an elfwood person, so I can check out your stuff too! Newho, onto a description of the story! ^_^ Chael is a half vamp with a mission, to rid the world of vampire scum! But with her human lover along for the ride, 'grave errors' are sure to be made...

Trinity (Work in progress)

This is a fantasy story I'm working on, this part being the very beginning. Please feel free to suggest ideas for plotlines!also check out the notes on Trinity which will explain about characters etc


A short story I did for english assessment in yr 10. Quinn is just an ordinary girl. Or so she thought til she woke up in that strange white room...Will she finally learn the truth?

Misty (Working Title)

The product of utter bordeom, and too much time surfing Elfwood ^_^ I have a habit of writing random passages when I'm bored, using ideas that jsut pop into my head. I'm keen to continue this passage, and form a story, tho I'm stuck for ideas at the moment! I'm hopign that soem of you creative and imaginative ppl out there in elfwood land will be able to act as a muse and suggest a possible outcome! hehehe! Enjoy!

Trinity (Work in progress)(b)

This is another part of the Trinity story. This particular scene happens in the middle. I know it's a bit out of order, but if you have any suggestions for what happens before and after this, please tell me!