Sonjalee Holland

 Well, obviously I'm an artist who specializes in fantasy.   Currently I'm working on a webcomic: Selsa Chronicles: Healer on Feathered Wings.  I'm working on Chapter 3.  My friend, the genius behind the written word, is currently working on other projects, some of which I'll take some part of.   Also, I'm trying to break into the media the field, hopefully get into the video game industry.  Originally, I wanted to go work for Disney and make full out, animated featured films.  But I find working for in a video game industry would just as be satisfying :)  I'm working on my 3D skills and I'm finding I enjoy working on 3D environments, but not so much people though.  I do prefer 2D animated movies, but I just really enjoy 3D environments.  I like Art, animation, video games, comics, web-comics, web building, graphic design, pixal art, metaphysics, spirituality