Laura Harvey

Konnichiwa! Hello, im Laura, commonly known as 'Bunny' to the majority of my friends. I'm hoping to make this a career. I'm currently looking to anything tha has to do with the arts and entertainment field (acting, animation, character design, singing, ect...) But, until then, im here ^.^ Manga has influenced me the most, as well as books. I love reading Dragon Lance and The Elric Saga. If your a fantasy reader, i recomend them, good series both of them. NOTE: please feel free to e-mail me, i love getting mail, but please entitle it 'Elfwood Art' so i can distinguish it from all the junk mail i get. thank you!! =^.^= UPDATE!!: THE COMMENT BOOK IS NOT A MESSAGE BOARD!. I had to delete 30 some-odd 'comments' the other day and i'm tired of spam. Either leave a comment about the picture or don't say anything at all. If this continues I will limit the commenting to artists only. Thank you.