*General info*Name: Laura Congiu Hey, why do you write it again?! It's written on the top of the page!! Loth, please, I'm working... Age: 19 Yes, but with the brain of a four years old child! Loth, stop with it, please... Country: Italy Whereas I'm from a place called Silverwood! Loth... I'm not in the right mood... Website: ID Yeah, this title sucks -.-; Blog: Ravin'loft And this other one?! sigh... What inspires me: comics of various nationalities (especially mangas), animation, many ages' art (especially Reinassance art*Botticelliiiii!!!!* , Preraphaelites and Art Nouveau), Tolkien's works, mythology, RPGs and, more generally, everything that has to do with fantasy ^_^ Alter ego: Lothnar the Druidess, aka Loth!! Alright Loth, you did your little show and now you can also go back home!!! *you hear a strange sound, as of a half-elf being kicked in her bottom, then flying and falling in the bushes over there...**A-hem* and now, another little thing: I can't take requests. Sorry. I like drawing requests, but I haven't more the time ;_; *sigh*. You can check the FAQs of my site (in the 'about' section) for further informations ;) (and, however... thanks to everyone who asked me for request/commissions, that's really encouraging ^_-) LAURAC'S DIARY12/09/03:Update: one new pic! ^_^ Ehm, I haven't drawn many fantasy-themed art recently ^^; Hu... actually I've drawn every kind of strange things... *oh, the experimentation!* But I take a look here quite often, really! ^_^;22/04/03: Hello! Yeah, I'm still alive... ^^; It's time also for me to do some spring cleaning... 'Excuse me!!' *Lothnar passes nearby sweeping all around and disappearing in a big dust cloud...* AT-CHOO!!! Oh, man... -.-; *ahem* So, the update ^^; ... I decided to remove some really old pics... I'm pleased that some people liked them, but I also deem that they don't reflect any more my present drawing style... I think ^^; However, I also added some new piccies!! I hope you like them... ^_^ I was thinking I won't be updating very often this gallery (Why, have you been updating it very often till now?? XP NdLoth) since I'm working a lot more on my little website , so check it for more updates, ok? (But not so many as you think XP NdLoth) Thank you very much ^^ And thanks also very, very, very much to all those people who leave a comment in my gallery! I appreciate it really a lot ^_- So... till next time!! Bye bye from Loth too! ^^