Laura Congiu

LAURAC'S COSPLAY N° 1: Vivi from FFIX (other ones coming soon ^_^) Ah, yeah... Vivi and Final Fantasy are copyright Square Co. (I want no troubles with laws, heheh...)And now... welcome in my fanart corner!! I've been able to see that here in Elfwood many things have been said about fanart and about what it should have been... well, I never put fanart in my Lothlorien gallery (oh, well, except some illustration based on books I read but however...) because it wasn't really welcome here in Elfwood. But since at the end Fanquarter has been created purposely... well... how to say... LET'S PROFIT!! :P Heh, just kidding...Note: some of my fanart has been done intentionally for this gallery, while some other is really old, but I posted it the same because I'm very fond of it. So, please, use a bit of heart while making a round in the gallery. Yeah, sometimes I also can be mawkish :P. Enjoy!