Laura Cochrane

The mist lifts from the forest ground as the sun rises higher then the trees. The smell of moss and damp pine trees gives the air a fresh morning feel. The light dances through the leaves, that magic sensation fill the forest, as drops of water drips after the early morning rain. In a clearing sits a girl around the age of 16, she smiles and laughs, gets up from the ground. Paper fall down and drifts around the open space and with a pencil in here hand the girl walks to where you stand. Taking your hand she guides you into the clearing, a joyful laugh that came from her every soul rang out. She points to something and you look and to your amazement you see all the life in the forest, birds start to sing, leaves start to rustle, the hazy light that plays tricks on your eyes. Just as you stop looking a flash of light catches your eyes, you look harder and ther flying by a flower was a fairy with a raindrop in her hands having a drink. A soft laugh comes from beside you; you forgot she was there, she turns away and walks towards a tree. You follow her. She turns her head towards you, smiling she laughs, a pure laugh from the heart. You look around and things seem strange, you realise you have been walking up stairs that are wrapped around the vast tree trunk, following blindly a person you do not know. At the top you enter into a little wooden building that opened up into a ray of walk ways, bridges and buildings in all directions. You follow the girl across a walkway. You look down and you see through the crack of the moss covered planks that made the walk way, you grab for the rail, old creaking rope that sways with your movement. The girl leads you into another wooden hut, inside theres a table, two chairs, a place for a fire and a little bed in the corner. And pictures everywhere. 'This is where I live, here in Elfwood and you are welcome to stay and look around' says the girl while offering you a hot drink of tea. 'And all the building out there are the homes of the other people, go visit them and they will welcome you too! You can leave the woods when you are finished but remember you might be able to come back to the smae place but thats how happy accidents happen. You are welcome into my home at anytime even if i'm not here you can always leave a note and i'll be happy to get in touch. You have much to see so i will leave you to your wondering but be careful some of the walkways are not what they use to be and you might not be able get where you want... so fair well my friend maybe by chance we will met again...' NEWS FLASH!!! My friend has started up a new RPG story here --> Please check it out it's going to be great fun once it gets going. It is very open, you can do a historical, present or futuristic time lines with fantasy or sci fi theme or horror. Please check it out! Thanks!!!!!!!!