Welcome, to my oh so humble gallery! It says my name is Elizabeth, but most people either call me 'Bizzy' or 'Laureanna,' which is my Elvish name. I have an untempered passion for elves, mages, dragons, and all things Tolkien, Lewis, L'Engle, Shakespeare and Harry Potter. I have a fantasty novel in progress, which might possibly be published by the time I graduate from college in 2007, but that might be a bit of a stretch. Actually, I scratched that one, and have started a new, and much better one.  The characters may show up in pics here (most definately) but it may be a while before I put anything in Wyverns.  I love to illustrate my stories, and many other random things, thereby spending whole afternoons on a sketch or a passage, neglecting things like homework and midterms. Some muse or other has made it his job to fill my head will all kinds of fantastical images or pasages that will not leave until written or drawn, and if ignored, incure the horrible wrath of the muse!I consider my creative streak the greatest blessing God has given me. His joy is able to fill me with desire and passion, and his grace allows my feeble hands to bring life to my visions. Thank you, Abba! all artwork here is copyright to me and may NOT be used without permission!! though IF you ask I'll probably say yes... May the road rise up to meet you,May the sun shine warm upon your face,May the wind be at your back, and the rain fall softand the God of Grace be with you always.i Chir hebin a galu pan! Namarie.   UPDATE: 2/13/06I am now in Scotland, studying abroad for a year (four+ months to go! woot!)  It's fun, but I miss home alot, and now realize that I love Seattle so much!  I currently have a maxed out schedule, dozens of trips across the UK and Europe planned, and internet acces is not all that convieniet over here.  ( for full rants on the UK, see my msn space!)   Updates will probaly be very rare, and more common on my DA account if you're  really that interested.  Thanks for stopping by and remeber comments = karma points!