Lauren Snyder

I'm 20 and have been on Elfwood for eight years. I'll post here once in a while, but if you want recent work, visit my website or my DeviantART gallery for current art and info. Favorite Elfwood Artists/Friends: Stephanie Law § Kristin 'Silverfyre' Olson § Kimberley 'Felio Ital/Kimbo' Petrie § Rachael Mayo § Aido Rakaen § Tom Rhodes § Cynthia L. Reep § Angie Cleary § Courtney 'Windseeker' Wilson § Ruben de Vela § Danielle 'Raveness' Samson § Jennifer 'Nambroth' Miller § William Li § Heather 'Kyoht' Luterman § Kalyana R. Davis