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Hello everyone, I figured it was time for me to write a brand new Bio. First of all I want to tell the artists who want to use one of the scenes from one of my stories for a drawing, you are welcome to do so! Please do tell me if you made a drawing, because I want to see it, and I want to be the first comment! Second I am going to tell you some things about me. *Points to name above* That is my name *points at the picture* That is how I look. I am a 18 years old girl who lives in the Netherlands. English is not my first language, but I am trying to write correct English. Don't judge me on my grammar mistakes, just tell me when I made them. I love adding comments at Elfwood, so don't mind if I come by. I love dresses, especially long ones. I am quite crazy, ask people who know me and they will agree. I am kinda out of inspiration about myself now Okay, you guys should really check this site out. Moose crew rules!!! I am now a member of the Comment Exchange on elftown. Members of the Comment Exchange promise to comment on the galleries of those that comment on their own. so if you comment on any picture or on this page, I promise to return the favor (like I already did before, but now I am an official member). And no I don't return comment for comment, the more you comment the more I am likely to comment more on your stuff, but the numbers of comments I give out is completely up to me. Still, I will return the favor in kind. Now I will tell something about the main characters I use (They are mostly the same, I mix them up in stories to create new adventures) Lavilia Starfire; she is a never aging elf, one of a twin, will marry in her later life to Nadrir and get children (Maeyava, Nadrir Jr and Lilith). She used to be a spy in Boron, named Morgana. Denialathir; He is a handsome never aging elf. A friend of Lavilia, and the lover of Lavinia her twinsister.Later on he marries another friend of Lavilia, Demni. Maeyava Lavinia Navinarwen Starfire; Lavilia's daughter, who gets threatened by Morgianioth. Morgianioth; He is a blackelf, leading the darkelf troups. After the destruction of Faran he takes over the command on the dark creatures. He fell in love with Morgana and he loves her still. Vienna Norino; A dimensionswifter. She is human but she has a gift. She travels from dimension to dimension and helps where she can. She Elinoralinde and Maeyava become close friends. Elinoralinde; she is a Frain, a green immortal creature. Frains are shy. She and Vienna become friends and Elinoralinde travels along with Vienna. Rhydin Grinovor, not really a main character, but he flies by now and then. He is Lavilia's second husband and gives her another family. Their children (as named in the demni's stones story) are from higest age to youngest, Orolith, Rhydin Jr, Rodrir and Vanora. For now, who knows what I might come up with Laurelaei Lilith Lavilia Prindor Starfire, she's my newest character. She's a daughter of Maey, who was raped by Morgianioth and got pregnant. Lauri is the result Than there are also B and Demni, Lavilia's best female friends. Demni is a dwarven queen, she knows much about medicine and stuff. B is a fantasy animal trainer, she traines dragons, unicorns, and whatever else may come on her path. These are my main characters. Some of them are not yet in my stories, but you will meet them in later uploads. Have fun


Vienna 7 The forest

Vienna wants the monster to pay for Nicholas death, she turns to the Frains

Lavilia Starfire chapter 10, Back to Nivadriel

Lavilia has left Triviaran and goes back to Nivadriel, her formal home. She has heard about a war coming up and she is going to join.

Lavilia Starfire Chapter 12, the accident

There is still war, Elves, Dwarves and humen are fighting. They fall as brothers. Somewhere outside the fighting zone something else happens though...

Lavilia Starfire Chapter7 Denny

This is how the story goes on. Lavilia has to tell her best friend Denny what happened. He and Lavinia were engaged

Lavilia Starfire Chapter 8 How to go on?

This chapter is more about Denny. Denny is hearing the details and all other things from Durkrisiel, because Lavilia still has no voice.

Laurelaei 2

Laurelaei had a weird magic experience, she chooses to let go to work on her article

The Past Has Gone

Navinarwen (Lavilia's mom) is telling Maeyava (Lavilia's daughter) what happened to her in the past.

Vienna 2

The entering of Vienna's adventure.

Vienna 5

The story goes on and on

Vienna 6

Nickolas is dead, but Vienna has to go on.

The three 2 Demni's stones chapter 2

Lavilia and the rest have gone to another world

Lavilia Starfire chapter 11, War

The war against Baran is opened.

Lavilia Starfire, chapter 9. Letting things out

Lavilia still has to tell her mom, but she would rather climb a thousant mountains


Laurelaei is Maeyava's daughter, but she doesn't want to be compared to the rest of the family and left her home dimension

Lavilia Starfire Chapter 3 The escape

Lavilia and Lavinia are going to escape from Moron Naür.

Lavilia Starfire chapter 5

The story goes on, Lavilia has to bury her sister, she has to recover from her wounds and she needs to tell her friends and family....

The three 2 Demni's stones chapter 3

The group is splitting up. One part goes to find Nadrir and Lilith and the other half is going to find out how to defend himself.

Lavilia Starfire Chapter 4 Losing a sister

Lavinia doesn't make it on time, how that happened? Read the story

Vienna's adventures, chapter one

Vienna is a dimensionswifter. She doesn't control her powers yet. In this chapter you will find her waking up in a world she doesn't know

Vienna 3

Vienna is now finally delivering the letter.

Lavilia Starfire chapter 6

Lavilia is going to heal. More things will happen

Lavilia Starfire Chapter 13

The last chapter of Lavilia Starfire at last. I hope you like it

Lavilia Starfire 2 Stuck in Moron Naür

Lavilia has tried to save her sister but failed, now she is also stuck in Irons...

Lavilia Starfire Chapter 1

Lavilia is a spy in Moron Naur, she is spying everyone, she tries to gather information about what they are going to so in war. rewritten a bit (6th january 2005)

The Three, the meeting.

Here the three friends are meeting each other. just a bridge between Vienna (which I am not done writing) and the rest of the Three stories.

The Three Demni's stones 1

Everything goes the way it should go down in Triviaran, untill Nadrir and Lilith dissapear and some other stuff happens

Nadrir's Death

Nadrir gets stuck in the dungeons Morgianioth lives. According to the title he dies :p

Vienna 4

Vienna is guided through the lands by one of the knights she met the last chapter.

The three, the amazons2

The three girls we met in the chapter before are up for adventure.