Veronika Prokesova

I am from this world. Yes, I am. I was born in 1982 in former Czechoslovakia as a child of two (supposedly) human parents. Nevertheless, I always loved to invent stories of my own, draw them and later write them down - and then, when I was about 11 years old, I´ve read The Lord of the Rings for the first time and was lost. Since then I´m in love with fantasy, reading, creating worlds, writing never-finished stories, playing RPG... and drawing character portraits, illustrations and related stuff. I feel that I´m far better in writing than in drawing, but drawings can be understood universally - and I have a real fun browsing Elfwood and I think I´ve improved a lot by simply staring at other´s admirable work :-) This gallery is a tribute to them, to Elfwood itself and to anyone who is the same unpractical fool as me :-) Almost all my art is drawn by pencil/colored pencils (or both), newly it can be touched by Corel Photopaint. All the characters belong to me, if I don´t state otherwise. If you want to show any of my art in public (net, school... non-commercial purposes only) in any form, drop me a mail, please. I´d like to know whether, where and how my art is used. I promise I´d be very nice, especially if you provide the link back to my gallery. UPDATES: 16.8.2006: Prologue - At the beginning11.9.2006: Prevision of catastrophe - Incest, Experiment goes well, Expecting disaster 29.10.2006: Inspirations I: Pangaea - Lord Rannon, Memories