Charles Lazaroo

Greetings, and welcome to my page. there's not much you can find down here, but, I am merely just a writer dewlving into the art of original fiction. I dont' offer much, but, I will keep trying. 5/1/0/2005 - Much has to be updated. Please wait while I finish this.

The Half-dwarf

Just an idea I had...........

The Carpenter and his son

This is my first attempt at a religous story.Although I am Roman Catholic, I will not divulge what this story is a about. You will have to see for yourself. By the way, this is one of only two stories that are complete, and need not be rewritten.

Pax Romana

This was the first story I posted on Elfwood, and it's now defunct. I intended it to be a story where the Roman empire never fell, but now, its basically without a plot. So here it is. However, if you have aplot that can improve on this story, e-mail me ! I'll be gald to here it, and I'll see what I can do.

Pax Inca

What if the Incans had iron? That is the emphasis of this story, as it poses the possible might of the Incans, if tthey just had iron.

Cerita Tentang Kampung Orang Bunian

This is story is based on my fascination for the Malay people. While I am not Malay, I have Malay friends, and have learnt some Malay. Of course, I am weak in it, but, I am fascinated by their culture, heritage, history, and yes, food. As such, I came up with this story.