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Update Lucifer are Angle prototype2, a military intelligence weaponry. With genetic modification, implant, Cybernetic organ. His blue skin is made of nano tech material layer. There are Solidyne a nano size machine that protect Lucifer from incoming impact force, when an impact force of certain level like that from a bullet or fast projectile deal to solidyne, it will form it self to become harden with incredible speed, reduce damage that would be deal to Lucifer. Second, Camouflage, there are 2 type of this nano, first recorder a nano that record a picture of surrounding area and then send those to Projecter a nano that display a picture from recorder. The process is a camouflage will project an object or something else from behind lucifer to the viewer with realtime and  from any perspective, so this will render Lucifer invisible unless he move too fast because the recorder and projector can't work fast enough to match a surrounding view. This idea is not a Thermo optical camouflage(cause I don't know how that technique work). Third, Ward. Like the name, this nano mech. will ward of against heat, cold, electrical, some chemical, radiation, acid and so on with a limit amount, it is not immune. However if the subject of warding is too weak, ward can nullifies those hazardous completely. A plug implant on his chest is a way that he receive nutrition that necessary for his body and brain. Since he don't have a digestive system  he can't eat like us and don't have to go to toilet ^ ^ A nutrition tank is in his Angle pod (I mention it in another pic of him) use a tube from the tank and inject a nutrition to that plug implant. The other implant from both side of his rib is an inject plug which he use to inject a stimulant into his body. This process is quite painful cause a stimulant are 5" long that need to insert into his body via inject plug to stimulate his organ. Stimulants come with variety of type and effect such as increase speed perception and muscle strength. These stimulant are kept inside his body, when needed the stimulant will transfer to another implant (on his collar bone you will see this implant ) at will to collect it. You ask me why do he have to take it out and inject them into his body again? Why not active it in side his body? Because he is a prototype so there is a chance that these stimulants will activate itself, if not in the right time is can jeopardize the mission. And if Lucifer takes a lot amount of stimulants at once he will damage himself.  

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