Angelic Almond Pony

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Linda Kristoffersson

Goodness! I haven't uploaded anything here in hmm.. *checks bio* THREE years!!? *ish shocked* I've mostly been hanging around DeviantArt. Anyway, I figured I'd have to contribute a little something here on Elfwood again, so here is an imaginary horse breed I did for a fun contest (one I actually won as well *lol*). Here's my breed description (copied from my dA account): Breed name: Angelic Almond Color: The most common color is the one shown in the picture. It comes in *all* colors though including bay, chestnut, pink, blue, green, chequered and whatnot. But regardless of color, it always has blue eyes. The breed may also have any kind of markings on head and legs. Build: Very small.  Smaller than a Miniature, and not as small as a rat. (Did that make sense?)  The breed has very short legs but is still fairly fast. The wings on its back are not usable for flying, but greatly helps improve the height of jumps and leaps. Breed description: The Angelic Almond has gotten its name from the “angel wings” on its back, and the common “almond” body color. Nobody truly knows where this breed originates from (some say it may actually be the product of a very twisted mind), there are not many people who have seen it. Once a farmer thought he’d seen a baby pink Almond Pony together with a herd of Highland Ponies, and since the Angelic Almond enjoys the grass of the Scottish Highlands, it may very well have been a correct observation. On the other hand, the farmer who claimed he’d seen it used to be drunk the largest part of his day, and seeing pink ponies (oh, and green elephants) wasn’t that unusual to him anyway.. The Almond breed is a curious and playful animal and you may even say it’s got a sense of humor. Don’t be fooled by its cute appearance, watch out or it may play a practical joke on you! The breed description is a bit goofy, but I just wrote whatever jumped into my brain at the moment. I had fun with this! 

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