Leah Maurmeier

Hi, I'm Leah. I've been a member of Elfwood before.. I left, but now I'm back with a new account. I'm 19 and going to college for illustration. I've loved art since I can remember.If you decide you really like my art and would like to buy a print from me (or just want to help a starving artist :), please visit here: http://myhedhertz.deviantart.com/store/ . Also visit my DeviantArt gallery for more art and larger, full-size versions of the pieces seen here! (click my personal gallery link)I take commissions. :) Characters, band artwork, t-shirt designs, portraits, I'll do pretty much anything.  Check out my art myspace for further info:  http://www.myspace.com/leahmaurmeierart .My boyfriend Ryan and I run Nightscape Imaging, please check into us for more of your artistic needs!  http://www.nightscapeimaging.comThank you for visiting! I like art. music. animals. coffee. DDR. sweet games. DeviantART. sleeping. roller-coasters. cinematic adventures. making up insults that make no sense. Favourite movies 300. FFVII:Advent Children. Battle Royale. Beetlejuice. Death Proof. Donnie Darko. Edward Scissorhands. Fight Club. The Jacket. Labyrinth. The Nightmare Before Christmas. Pan's Labyrinth. Pirates of the Caribbean(all). Planet Terror. Poltergeist. The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Saw(1,2&3). Silent Hill. Sleepy Hollow. Spider-man(all). Three Extremes. Titan A.E. V for Vendetta. I love many more that are not fantasy/sci-fi.. Favourite books Lots of Stephen King. The Giver... Again, I like more than this. :p Favourite music Action Action. Black Eyed Peas. Blood Brothers. Blue October. Bright Eyes. Cake. Circa Survive. Coheed and Cambria. Death Cab for Cutie. Deftones. Dog Fashion Disco. The Gorillaz. H.I.M. Interpol. The Killers. Killswitch Engage. Le Tigre. The Mars Volta. Modest Mouse. Muse. Outkast. The Postal Service. Pretty Girls Make Graves. The Prize Fighter Inferno. Queen. Red Hot Chili Peppers. Say Anything. The Shins. The Sound of Animals Fighting. Tool. Tub Ring. Vendetta Red. The Violent Femmes. Weezer. The White Stripes. Many more... but I am a huge sucker for techno, videogame music, Danny Elfman, showtunes, the occassional j-pop, theme songs, and sweet soundtracks.