Lee Brogan

I've never been terribly good at writing any piece of work in which the most common words are personal pronouns. So I'll make this (possibly) short and (ideally) sweet. I've spent most of my nineteen years trying to draw better than I can, and never succeeding for obvious reasons. Fortunately, the practice payed off a bit, and I now no longer draw universally hideous flounder-like creatures with both eyes on the same side of their head. I have graduated to much more subtle forms of suck, such as misproportioned limbs or illogical shadows, although my former predilection for flounder-heads shows through occasionally in asymmetric faces. Still, I persevere, and now have amassed a sizable collection of drawings that are at least mediocre, and are displayed here for your viewing enjoyment. I welcome constructive criticism, or even just creative criticism - insulting well is a fine art.If you liked my work, or even if you didn't, here's somewhere else for you to waste time looking at pictures on in this fine internet of ours:Adam Fuller's Aliens and MoreIf you are interested in being included on Lee's (currently rather short) List o' Links, leave a comment to that effect.So I'm back after a leave of absence for a year or so. I should draw more. Also, I should check comments occasionally. I sure am a slacker.