Lee Hunter' Mei Ling

I'm not good at this...but I'll just try to tell you a bit about me...I'm Asian. I picked up art since kindergarden, actually, way younger then. I had a not so pleasent childhood, so I occupied myself in drawings. Most of my drawings then were my way of expressing the feelings I had as a child, so a lot of it were rather sad or gory in a way. I usually visualized those damned idiots, who treated me as an outcast, getting chewed up by dragons and demons. I felt better doing that, so drawing is rather important to me as it was like a friend to me when I was young. Oh, regarding my way of replying, I would probably send a reply to your mail now if the comments have questions about me or my art, or something just plain bizarre and catches my attention, or perhaps I myself have a plain bizzare question, or just wanna reply to something. I have a new email add, cheers!! I'll post here if there are any changes. Anyway, I truely value each comments you all give me(even the fruity ones).I have some written work up in fictionpress.com, I am Death-Hunterx1 there...perhaps I'll post up some written work her as well in the future. Ah yes...here's a notice to all of you, for now, I am not going to do any art commision, if you wish to use my art for some occasions, go ahead, as long as credit is given where it is due. I have my reasons for this and I wish to keep it to myself for now until I find the words to explain why.