Danielle Lefebvre

Yes, that's me!! The Rosiel wannabe! The pic was taken with my digital camera and I made no alterations except for the black fade at the edges! I must strive to look like Rosiel! Anyways, I adore anime, and it's pretty much my favorite thing to draw...however, I'm not the kind of person who restricts themselves, I also have done portraits and oil painting as well. I'm currently working on three different series in which I hope I can turn into Mangas, however I'm lazy, I've really got to kick myself and get stuff done. ^_^ My biggest dream would be to see a series I created shown on TV or an RPG, but I guess that's a perfect example of wishful thinking. ^_^;; I prefer to use watercolour on my work, but I am usually not confident with myself so I leave a lot of stuff with just lineart. Yay! I just got some Copic markers so maybe I'll actually put some colour work up sometime! I'm so lazy!The pictures here are quite old, the newest would date back to OVER 5 years!!Needless to say, this gallery is inactive/Dead. I may come back in the future. But most of the time, comments will go unanswered.Use my art in tours or anything you want. Just drop a credit back to this page. That`s all. I`m still active on other art galleries. If anyone is so interested in finding me.I`d post a link... but isn`t the search half the fun?Bye-bye Elfwood.Lookie at my friend's awesome galleries too!! Links: Erin Charmaine Clark Rosemary 'Pandora B' Brennan