Erlend Rønning

Hail, and well met! I am Erlend 'Panzerøx' Rønning, a spledorous young lad, gifted in the ancient arcane arts of bass-playing and sketch-drawing. I was born in the centre of Scandinavia; The cold plains of Oslo. I am now 17 winters old, and I am currently camped in the Lost city of Nydalen. I may appear to you as a charismatic lad, but don't ye worry! There's more evil inside me than what meets the eye... Other than that, I'm a pretty normal kid. Or maybe not. My main interests are Drawing, music, alcohol, and my girlfriend! I play bass in a shitty punk band with no ambitions, but we have a lot of fun playing so we don't care. I listen mostly to metal, but there's a lot of other genres that soothes my ear too. Among my favourite bands you will find epic bands like Bal-Sagoth, Iron Maiden, The Misfits, Inkubus Sukkubus, In Flames, Turbonegro, Dimmu Borgir, Tristania, Empyrium, Vintersorg, ManOwaR, Children of Bodom, Anathema, Cynic, and Catch 22. My sketches are pretty basic; none of them fancy colors or anything special! I don't have any skill or ambition to make any more out of them, so they will forever be just sketches. Feel free to comment though. All comments are appreciated. Even bad ones. Just don't give me any 'Jesus lives' comments on my umm... Somewhat blasphemic sketches. Other than that, have fun, and remember; Panzerøx loves you!

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