richard laws

What do you want to know about me? I enjoy writing becasue it means i have to be alone to do it... and i like to be alone somethimes.  Everyone needs a bit of space for themselves.I am an active person.  I have a black belt in a martial art and i compete in full contact sparing sessions and competitions regularly.  I like Taekwondo, UFC, DnD, RPG, TLA (Three Letter Acronyms) music, and everything inbetween Favourite movies Stargate (sorry). Hawk the Slayer. The original Lord of the Rings animated film (without Sam's monsterous monolouges). Favourite books Oh dear. I am a book freak. I read lots of Black Library stuff, Warcraft novels, just started getting into the Afterblight Chronicles. I am an(other) avid fan of Chuck Palahniuk. Love Orwell and Huxley too. Just bought a copy of 'Mouse Guard' which i am in love with. Its a visually beautiful book, with a good story inside. Just finished the Amtrak Wars epic, recently bought some of the 'Nightside' books, loving the Abberant Books' Afterblight Chronicles, and the Black Libraries Horus Herasy saga. Favourite music Any heavy metal, some rap and RnB, some classical, some folksie... a biot of everything

By Daemons be Driven

A story I wrote a little under a year ago and then forgot about. It does need some tidying up, but it is a little bit of fun.  An unusual love triangle forms in the ruins of an ancient temple.

The Uglisest Princesses

Meet Bob the fairy and Crumple-split-skin the un-moisturiesd gnome as they embark upon a plan of evil and nasty revenge on the cultures that made them outcast. See how they terrorise not only thier own kind, but also the human race and several birds as well.

Live by the sword - die by the sword

Live by the sword, die by the sword - an adage still applicable today. This story picks up at the end of a chain on events, as the hero prepares to commit ritual suiside helped by his father-in-law and overseen by the ghost of his dead wife.

Furries Chronicle

This is an experiment for me, I'll be honest. I don't tend to write stuff like this, but it has really caught my imaginataion. This is the story of several anthromorphic characters in a magic-heavy environment. I don't want to give to much away, but it has several threads that I hope to draw together. I don't have an overall plan for how this is going to end, or happen, just what I feel like whan I'm writing. If you have any suggestions about the plot, do mention them, they will be appriciated. Again, any feedback on HOW to write is always appriciated. If any part of this offends, please do contact me and I will endevour to explain myself.

Witness: A Last Chance

Eddie and Donna's relationship problems step from his inability to leave other living beings alive, especially on the road. This is a cautionary tale which i have written after talking to the Donna's doctor. This is still my intellectual property, i wrote all the words, but, as far as I know (and to sound really spooky) this is a true story!


This is the first part of a story based on a myth from where I was born in England. It is a great and dark story and has always grabbed my attention. Please read this story and then tell me off for overcooking the description.


This is a story about doing what we have to do even though we don't really want to. Ryhan, the hero of the tale, meets a stranger with a problem. Maybe they can help eachother out? I quite like the feel of this story, and i do think that it is one of my better bits - please read it and have a little comment!