Hanna Lehmusto

I'm a finnish girl born in 1980, living in Turku (Åbo in swedish), and like most of the artists here, I too have drawn since I was able to hold a pen. Fantasy art, though, hasn´t been my number one interest that long, I discovered the world of fantasy only somewhat eight years ago when I read the Lord of The Rings. I fell in love with it (surprise, surprise...) and combined two of my favourite hobbies- fantasy books and drawing. Like I said, my 'first (and by far the deepest) love' was J. R. R Tolkien but occasionally an inspiration of drawing something from some other books hits me or I´ll just draw by my own ideas... So, back to the subject, I try to capture feelings in my drawings and concentrate to the persons. You tell me how I have succeed, I know my pics are quite far from perfect, but I´m trying hard to improve... Too bad that the situation now is that my job seriously disturbs my hobbies (*g*) and I don't have enough time to paint as much as I would like to. *sigh.* Anyway, I have a homepage too, with also older pictures which I´ve deleted from here, and even some new ones, and better scans -of course- of the pics visible in here. Visit there, but don´t be frightened -by far it´s in finnish only. The english version is going to be finished, someday... :o)