David Lenaerts

Hmmm, I could put the same text as in the Lothlorien gallery, but I think I'll go for something more on-topic, since it is the fanart section after all ;). I hardly draw anything apart from anime/manga, so I'll just limit my boring talk to that :p. My favourite manga's are Evangelion and I's. There are various other series that I like (Angel Sanctuary, X, ...). Anime-wise, my favs would be Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, and Lain. And, of course, most other series of which I did a fan art. Oh yeah there's more art in the fantasy gallery and my private gallery, so feel free to check out those ;) Please visit the following elfwood members too, they're mah buddies! Daniƫlle Suurlant - Also a very promising artist with a great personality. Be sure to check it out or die a slow horrible death involving nail-clippers O_O Misty Coats - aka Sayda, the almighty Dragon Child XD Go and see her awesome art! *__*Anna Borowiecka - A very good friend who is as cool as her art XD So go and see, go and see ^_^Ray Tin - More links!!! This list keeps getting longer and longer! I'm not complaining, coz this one's art's good as well ^^ Jen Bamford - The biggest Locke fangirl I've ever come across! XD She has good art, you must see *prods you with a nitting needle*

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