If you haven't already guessed, my name is Lenore. My friends know me by many names, one of them being Savin. You'll see her popping in and out all over this page. I live in the boring state of Wisconsin, just to the right of the middle of nowhere. I'm 17 and love to write and draw (hence my pages here at Elfwood). Okay...on to the fanart stuff! I draw a lot from many different animes, including some Gundam Wing, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Fushi Yugi, Princess Mononoke, and many othes ^_^ But then I do draw from a lot of comics too like X-men for example but there are many more that I can't remember the names to at the moment. Most works are pencil and some colored and if I'm privilaged enough, I can use ink and water color! So...all I can really say is leave comments! Good and bad are welcomed but rudeness will not be tolerated. June 2003: Sorry I haven't put anything new up. I have lots of new fanart (mostly Final Fantasy 8 and Trigun) but I havent' had access to a scanner in a long time. Probably won't have anything up until late August, early Septermber at earliest.