Okami: Dancing with Darkness

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Jennifer Teller

My Goal 1: To make it look like the Ninetails was in a hole torn into the wood.My Goal 2: To actually make it look nice.Scanner Goal 1: To suck up the color and make Amaterasu as bright as the Sun (ha-ha).Scanner Goal 2: To sponge up the fine detail and focus on the bad detail.I was trying to paint again, and for some very odd reason it turned out nice. I mean really nice. I was impressed with myself. :)But, sadly, the scanner decided to trump my efforts of uploading a good picture for once. Done with acrylics from the art room (I don't know what quality they are) on a wood thing. Took me 4 hours, including some left over time after our final exams.I do not own Okami, as much as I would like to...

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"Aye the Collared Crow..."

"I the Crow, the Collared Crow..." *Dare to read on*I've been hoping to start a series, similar to my failed series, Cardinal (you'll probably never see it srry). In this series, it follows the endeavors of a group of thieves called the Flawk, each of its members bearing the name of a bird. To earn a name, they must catch a bird (and thus earn that bird's name). This is a test that every Flawk member-to-be must complete in order to earn a place in the group. As Owl, the leader, says, "You will only catch the bird you are most like," meaning depending on the bird you catch depends on your qualities, and your qualities will define your importance to the group.I once read an African tale about a Collared Crow aiding an elderly couple whose farms were doomed, as they had no seeds nor any successors. A wise Collared Crow instructed them to do a few things, for the sake of each other, and in the end the farmers had 8 exeptionally wise children and the Crows had plenty of seeds to eat. This somewhat influenced my story (the Crows take the seeds of the farmers, but the farmers benefit from a tree of everlasting fruit. The Flawk steals the food and goods of the people of Pristav, but the people benefit from their protection.) Also, I intended for there to be a little bit of a pun when the Crow says "Aye", since it sounds the same as "I".The story is set in a mystical world with (of course) magic. The story begins in the harbor Pristav that (here's some history) was once a squalor of a city, thanks to unending raids from priates, thugs, and merciless theives. It was a famous town for illegal trading, and was slated to be destroyed by the King's personal knights, the Imperials. However, Pristav was eventually saved by a recently formed group of expert and robin hood-esk thieves, the Flawk. The Flawk contributed to the many robberies in the city, but they forced other riaders out of the city "claiming" it as their territory. Even with numbers, none of the outlaws, including the melavolent witches, could overpower the Flawk, and left the city forever (sort of).Soon the city became a prosperous harbor with only a few problems--mostly just the weather and the Flawk. The townspeople soon accepted the Flawk as a part of their lives, though, and enjoyed the freedoms that the thieves protected for them. However, soon the Flawk were deemed a threat by the new King (the old King appreciated them and called them 'masked heroes'), who then sent Imperials to take them out (the Crow in this poem was talking to one such Imperial/knight, if it didn't make sense). After weeks of strife between the Imperials and the Flawk, the group is disbanded and arrested, doomed to be executed. Only one member manages to escape, and retains his name--Cornell "Collared Crow (Crow for short)" Cynfran (lol, all C's). The Imperials leave unbeknowst of this, and Cornell is left as Pristav's only esteemed protector, in the same time frame as the poem. The pirates return, however, after learning of the fall of the Flawk, and he is taken prisoner by the crew of the Antilles. He escapes in the night, but decides to stay with the pirates, after seeing their 'good side.' He soon joins their ranks, though, when he learns that they too are against the Imperials, and the war the new King is planning to wage with the world. Cornell teams up with two young pirates, Jhorra, a skilled lance-weilder with the attitude of a wolf, and Russel, a blind magician who sees through the eyes of his minature gray griffon. He, and the others, are ready to risk it all to stop the King in his conquest to rule the world. The pirates, inspired by the Flawk and Cornell's ambitions, and eager to desert their dark and unruly reputation, decide to take after the fallen team, and save the world as both takers...and saviors.Anyhow, this is merely an outline of the story. No actual writing done so far, other than the poem, so it is all subject to change (and I'm bad at completing series anyway). I hope I can get the first chapter up soon. Sorry for writing a textbook's worth for the description. I chose a Collared Crow for Cornell instead of a regular Crow because...well...a normal crow isn't much fun anymore, is it? To moderators: To clarify the fantasy of this all, the only fantasy in this poem is the talking Crow. I don't think I'll have talking animals in my stories (just not too many). However, I'll definately have battle dragons, gryphons, kraken-creatures, etc, in the main story (and I'll probably pitch in a few poems with the mix). 

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