absolutly horse mad with fantasy as a side dish I like horse and fantasy Favourite movies The Dark Crystal Favourite books Witch Week and Deltora Quest Favourite music Anything peppy

The Seers- 02

The second chapter in the seers stories.

The Evil Unicorn Poem

The poem is about a battle between the unicorns and the pegasi. The unicorns have obviuosly won.

The Seers- 01

The kick start to another story (with at least one other chapter).

Story 1- Enviromentalists and Broken Limbs

A short(ish) story in (what I hope to be) a series. Note that knowledge of roman mythology will help.

Pegasus Haiku

A series of Haikus (japanese poem where the syllables go 5,7,5) about a pegasus.

Story 4- Laughing Tracks and Crisis Aparitions

Yet another one in the 'Story' series. (Note: There was a hiatus, though I didn't send the ticket for along time since the first stories were put on it, so there was a hiatus, but not a noticable one)

The Sun Horse

This is a slightly weird story. Please note that there is know such constellation

Story 3- Giant's Cooking Shows and Death by Mint

I am planning to go on hiatus with short stories, though I will return to them. I congratulate myself on managing the phrase 'Death by Mint' in this story.

Story 2- Archaeological digs and Live Television

Number 2 in my short story (possibly mini)series. If you enjoyed number 1 this, though short, is a recommended (by me of course) read!

Organic Programmer

This is a story, possibly with a sequel, about a world- famous organic programmer (a person who uses a special computer program to genetically engineer things). I think I might have put some my philosophies in there.