Henrik Lerdahl

I'm a shameless bibliophiliac, and I live more or less at the public library. I've been making up stories and fantastic worlds since I was able to hold a crayon, and still haven't stopped. As a student, I don't have the time to write all that I wish I could. As anyone reading my texts will discover, I'm a rather philosophical guy, and I love myth and magic, so my stories tend to contain lots of both, often in a poetic form. At the moment I'm trying to write a book set in my alternate world, but plot is hard to make, and the paper keeps fighting back. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy reading the following texts as much as I enjoyed writing them. UPDATE: About a year ago a strange series of events caused me to write and FINISH a book. Weird. Well, it's actually a long short-stroy or something, as it only has 6 chapters. Anyway, the title is 'The choices of Murkha', and it's uploaded here. It's the biggest thing I've ever written, and the quality is among my best so far. I hope you'll read it, especially since I'm halfway through the sequel already.


How the Hunter was humbled by Fox Who Tells Stories

I've always enjoyed the old fables about the various animals and their doing, like "how Bear lost his tail" or "why Leopard has spots". I''d been thinking about trying to write something for that genre myself, and the other day I suddenly found myself with an hour or two of unexpected free time. So I simply sat myself down at the first computer I chanced to come upon, and soon tappity-tapped my way through the entirety of this story. It's inspired by a combination of the British ban on fox-hunting, my love for trickster figures and all the folk-tales about clever foxes I grew up with. The original plan was to make several of these little stories, all of them focusing on various foxes and their doings, but I'll just have to wait and see how it goes before commenting further on this.

Old Man black

This is my attempt at a piece of folklore, an old song about the mythical figure known as 'Old Man black'. The people see him as the personification of death, and the owner of all souls that have died. This song illustrates common belief in why necromancy is so dangerous: In trying to master death, you essentially surrender your life to him before actually dying. In trying to command him, you end up his slave. Hmmm. I really have to upload those myths about him soon, so I won't have to explain all this all the time.

The Dark and the Day

Ok, ok, I know I've posted quite a lot of myths already! This was actually supposed to only be a couple of short lines of what my main villain believed to be true in the world. But it grew into this weird holy text devoted to the Lady of Darkness (name pending). She's more or less 'The Dark Lord/Lady' in my stories, the Evil Goddess. It was extremely fun writing the history of the world from her perspective, and show what her followers believe. It will make it a lot easier for me to make her followers more human, since they actually believe they're on the good side.

Chapter 2: Dreams of Shadow and Power

Our story continues with this very short and insignificant chapter. I'd read too much Lovecraft when I wrote it. We get glimpses and moods here, but not much substance. S'good anyway.

Dirge for Dwarves

As in most worlds, the dwarves and elves in mine aren't all that fond of each other. Over the years, songs and poems like this one are written to spread false rumors and intensify the hate they feel. I like to include things like this. It makes the world seem more real, since they show a more normal side of things.

Chapter 6: The Song of Blood and Names

The Grand Finale, the Great Climax: After the terrible disaster has struck, and all his plans have shown their ultimate consequences, Murkha makes a final gambit to save himself, his world and his companion. But will the desperate plans of a single over-proud magician be enough to stop the incarnation of the Nameless? And even worse: What will happen if he should succeed? EDIT: I have been informed that the small line included in a magical formula needs to be translated. It's in Sylvan (self-made lingo), and reads roughly like this: 'We give pattern to they who have no pattern. I dance sorcery on them and upon their life' More or less. For more info on Sylvan, don't hesitate to ask.

The Holy Moons

Another text that was supposed to be something else. Started out as a short piece of information on the Moons religion, worshipping the two moons in my world. Then I discovered that the text rhymed, so I just split the lines and added more verses. Somehow I think my inner poet managed to compel my subconscious. So, here we have a spiritual/religious hymn/chant/song to the two holy moons!

The Hidden Rules and New Ideas

Its a follow-up for my previous text, 'The First Polarity', and it describes how and why mortal beings can use magic, and how the gods came to be.


This one is a little unusual for several reasons. It's my first sci-fi, its not set in my standard alternate world, and it was written as a school assignment. The assignment was to write a story to the title 'Saved'. It turned out that I was the only one who hadn't written about someone shipwrecked. To my defense as to the whole mood of the text: I had read WAY too much Discworld the previous evening.

Chapter 5: Hallways and Crossways

Our reluctant protagonist finally ventures forth to undo the damage he has done. And not only must he through daunting acts of combat and action, but he has a rather unexpected ally as well...

Occult Cases

OK, I usually don't do sequels to my stories, but since 'The Investiagation of Enquirer Rotier' became so popular I was tempted. Some people asked me to write more about him, and my first thought was that this would be hard, seeing as the main character has no personality to speak of. But my mind started working on the idea, and here is the result. Now, firstly, this story ended up almost twice as long as the previous one. Depending on how you wiew my writing, this may or may not be a good thing. Secondly, this time I plunged down into dark, icky horror. I'm afraid that this story won't measure up to the predecessor, since they are completely different flavor-wise, but I hope it won't be TOO bad. If you haven't read the first story, don't worry. I wrote them to be entirely independant of each other.

Song of the Elves

Not too long ago, the humans and the elves were engaged in a bloody and fast war against each other. For quite a while the false rumours and stereotypes they had of the other had generated lots of bad feelings. This is one of the more typical, depicting how the humans wieved the elves before the struggle, and why they started fighting.

Hunting Navagaur

This was mainly an experiment. I was trying to write about a character I find highly intruiging, but it was (in my opinion) a horrible failiure. It's set in the same Empire as the 'Choices of Murkha' series, but the similarities end there. I was trying for a disorienting, desperate and fear-inspiring feel to this, with a healthy helping of melancholia. But I eally despised it. you might disagree, though

That Which the Dark Holds

Basically, this is a letter from one of the more obscure high mages to his ex-apprentice. Athuine was created as a shadow-mage, but I wanted to explain how darkness can hold such power, since it is a very important aspect in my stories and plots. If I manage, you will see more of my book, where Athuine plays an important role.

Four Again

This is one of the many prophecies about the end of the world. Every mythology has at least one, and so it was only fitting that mine should have one too, although I must admit I was heavily inspired by 'Good Omens' when I made it. It is also entirely true for my world, and anyone who has read 'The First Polarity' knows where the Four come from, and why they can do what they do.

Chapter 3: The Feast of Dragons

Finally we get some action as our hero ventures forth into the city proper. Some nice portraying of the Empire as we go, a new character is introduced, and some mysteries are improved. Good read, though not as exiting as the next chapter.

The Choices of Murkha: Epilogue

A very short piece on the fallout from the terrible disaste Murkha brought aout, and its unexpected consequence. Not to mention some foreshadowing to the next series...

Chapter 1: The Three Women

This is the first chapter of my 'Book', which is too long to be a short-story and too short to be a proper book, since it only has six chapters (well, eight when you include the prologue and epilogue). It's about young Murkha, a sorcerer, and his quest of revenge against the Empire he lives in. This text was never planned. I have no idea how it ended up as it did. It all started when I mentioned 'The Oracles' as an obscure reference in a RPG once. One day while I was bored at school (french class) I started drawing what the oracles must look like. Two days later I decided to write a short description to the picture. That description grew and took on a life of its own, becoming this text. And the next 5 chapters. And the prologue and epilogue. Weird when stuff like that happens. It was hell to actually get this onto the internet, but after over a year I managed it! Well, enjoy.

The Investigation of Enquirer Rotier

Here Master Rotier tells of how he solved his most horrifying case as an Enquirer. Still set in my alternate world, I've tried to bring the action down on a more human level this time. This is the first time I've tried my hand at horror, and I'm honestly not sure how it went. Was trying to create bad vibes in a different setting and with different means. Perhaps I should use more graveyards and vampires next time;-) PS: I've added a sequel now, called 'Occult Cases'. If you liked this story, check it out.

The Undertaker's Credo

I was working on a new land in my little fantasy-world, where the undertakers formed a rather strange organization. when the land is overrun by undead and monsters, the guy who cleans up afdterwards is welcomed by vampire and mortal alike. Anyway, this little poem just appeared in my head half-formed during a bus-trip, and it took about 5 minutes to finish. It's more or less one of the texts the undertakers have to learn during their prenticeship, and I thought it helped illustrate one aspect of their philosophy.

The Choices of Murkha: Prologue

This is the prologue for my 'Book'. I hadn't originally planned on having a prologue, but some readers commented on the fact that the first chapter began rather abruptly. It's a VERY short text, and if you like it you should of course read the first chapter, which is WAY better.

Chapter 4: The Deep Plunge

We finally reach a bit of exitement. The big Ritual commences, and everything our 'hero' has worked for all this time bears fruit. But will success be what he expects? Read to find out how it goes...

The first Polarity

My first stab at a creation mythology for my own alternate world.

The Named and the Unnamed

Explanation of how magic works. It is rather technical, but I felt it was needed to define what magicians can and can't do, and why they can do it. This is one of many, many texts handling the subject.

The Futures of Feferi

This story came to me in a flash while I was at a concert, more or less fully formed. I really like this opening, but the rest of the chapters still need lots of work. This opens up a new story, several years after 'The Choices of Murkha', and we see that the consequences of our actions never fade away. Quite different from the previous story, in many ways