Alexis Shepard

Uh-oh... now you've done it... there's no turning back now... you have entered the lair of the much-dreaded creature answering to the name of Lexi. No one's quite sure what she is or where she came from.... Standing a fearsome 5 feet and 8 inches, she awakens at the crack of 1:00pm, rearing her hideous head, claws flailing and--Oh no! Run!!! Save yourselves!!--::snatches the so-called narrator and dangles him by the foot over a boiling cauldron of Ramen's noodles with a maniacal cackle:: --Okay. Enough of that nonsense. Since after all I have so many other things (perhaps too many things ::evil grin::) to say that don't fall under the category of 'that nonsense,' but instead belong more to the group of 'this nonsense.' The nonsense is all relative. ::shrugs::So yeah... just call me Lexi. I enjoy sushi, intelligent conversations, tight hugs, eloquent insults, dark chocolate and guacomole (not together). I have an obsession with complementary color schemes, a tendency toward talking to inanimate objects (sometimes naming them), and a talent for fitting the most possible superfluous words into one thought as altogether totally and utterly unnecessary (and run-on sentences). I'm 22 years old and I am currently a fourth-year illustration student at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). So anyway, I suppose all this now makes me a resident of Savannah, Georgia, however I was born and raised in southeastern Connecticut. As anyone who has had the pleasure of growing up themselves in southeastern Connecticut well knows there's little around there to appease us younger natives, so we were forced to contrive various forms of entertainment, most of which included stripping ourselves of our youthful health and moping about how much we didn't really care about how much we didn't really care. (We didn't usually light cats on fire.) But every so often a handful of us found better things to do with ourselves and I guess I just happened to be one of those silly kids. So, yes, I am an artist--and no, that's not because I enjoy spending hours on end inhaling paint fumes or any other various and most likely carcinogenic byproducts of creativity--at least not entirely. ::snickers:: Besides that, though, I've drawn ever since I could hold a writing utensil. Drawing is not only my hobby, it is my passion. And I think if I were to cease to create, I would cease to exist in a rather messy and unpleasant mode that would most likely inevitably involve scraping my entrails off the walls. (It would be icky.) I've always been inspired by those who surround me, my friends and family, my fellow artists, as well as by my intense love for literature and admiration for free spirits. Art and expression have always provided me with a context for sharing my thoughts and opinions about life in general--and life how I see it. (What else is art for anyway?)  I greatly admire and am heavily influenced by 19th Century British book illustration.  Some of my all-time favorite artists and illustrators include Howard Pyle, Arthur Rackham, Daumier, Beardsley, Grandeville, Tenniel, Nast, Norman Rockwell, NC Wyeth, Brad Holland, Anita Kunz, Peter De Seve, Isabelle Arsenault, Gerard Dubois, Ursula Vernon, plus many more.  I love Art Nouveau, Rococo, Romanticism, Symbolism, and of course Surrealism. Well, having been a member of Elfwood for a couple years now, I guess I can hardly claim that I'm new around here anymore. Since I joined the Elfwood community, I have so very much enjoyed the ability to share and learn amidst a fellowship of so many talented people from so many different climbs--indeed Elfwood is a global community that offers so many interesting new perspectives if you look for them. I love hearing from people who view my art--anything and everything they have to say: comments, thoughts, jokes, ramblings, suggestions, criticisms, allusions, random outbursts, insults, etc., anything! So if I ask anything in return for sharing my work with you it is that you tell me what you think!   I'll take this opportunity to apologize for the extreme lack of updates here. Art school has a way of keeping you plenty busy, you know. Because of this, unfortunately, the majority of the work here is ancient history and a far cry from representing the present state in my artistic progression.  But!--there are some more recent works and I've dated those updates so you can tell! Meanwhile a multitude of ideas have been building up in my mind and they're beginning to overflow and clog up my sinuses, so hopefully I'll find some time soon!   Anyway!--I'm amazed you've read this far. If you have I'm sure you'd agree that it's high time to see the art (again, sorry it's so dated). So go! Go look at these silly pictures that I have for you to see!