Carly Silverton

Hello to all who are kind enough to drop by. I'd like to introduce myself as Lhena. My writing has progressed into several styles over the years. So, don't be alarmed if you read one story then find another story's dialect to be different.I have a keen interest in all things fantasy. But unlike some, I promise that all stories wil have twists on original creatures of fantasy. I most appreciate any works that include vampires, protaganostic werewolves, witchcraft or earthly magic. Although, I have turned from those themes to accustom a wider audience for one trilogy-like story.I have not been working on my writing in a long time. So nothing recent is posted here. However, there is my favorite short story I've written. A few others that will remain almost finished are posted.The work I post here is all mine. I have put my heart into the text and would love comments. I realize there are going to be grammar errors. If  there is only technical aspects please deal with it. Also, if the wording is awkward, but understandable, don't say anything. I do not plan to revisit and edit the old stories posted here. Any new works will be listed on my profile page. Those, I will allow free reign over grammar and technical errors. Other than that, unless the wording is incoherent, I am not going to edit something. I will not change my writing style for readers. If I change it and it still can't be understood, then deal. I understand my style is different than average. That would be due to a love of all kinds of literature, where I pick up little literacy techniques. I will only change sentence structure and misunderstood phrases.Thank you all faithful readers! I appreciate your following. I like writing, acting, reading, listening to music, hanging with my friends Favourite movies Hoot, Vampire Kight, Vampire Rosario, Van Helsing, Underworld 3 Favourite books S. R. Salvatore, The Silver Wolf, Romeo and Juliet Favourite music Chevelle, Lacuna Coil, Infected Mushroom, Hollywood Undead

A Night's Conquer - Four

Just go read, people...pweeeeassszzze.

A Night's Conquer

Just go read, people...pweeeeassszzze.

Mercury - Chapter 2

Alanna has got Jonathon safe at home, and is trying to keep him that way. But, what happens when he falls asleep during the day and Alanna goes exploring? Find out what she will do when she finds his secret room, locked and the mess inside it. *Sad chapter...:( Oh well, I haven't worked on this story in awhile and this is an old chapter I never uploaded. Sorry faithful follwoers/watchers. But, now it's here

A Night's Conquer - Three

Just as always, this stroy is better read then summarized. by now you should have an idea of the story, so just go read it. Leave a comment too please.

A Night's Conquer - Two

Same as before, promise to be my usual and getting more into the romance.

The Lost Mind - Chapter 4

Okay, so this new one has a lot of explaining in it about how and when and where concerning Julian's changes. Also there is a little special something at the beginning: Will she allow it or will he back out? Somewhat of a cliffhanger might be here, your choice on how badly you want to find out the rest.

The Lost Mind - Chapter 1*

This chapter is finally revised, due to the * by the name. Lok for the * by the name of others chpaters in my gallery to see if they're revised. This is the oldest story here, but my writing haas drastically changed and supposedly improved since two years ago. Yay! This is the final product of this little project I first took on as a fun writing excercise. Hope my fans like it. In this chapter you can meet the characters. But only one character holds the key to Julian's terrible illness and its supposed 'cure'. This is slightly dark, and I wouldn't like readers to go past chapter two until I have the others revised, so you can judge my current writing/style level.

Mercury - Prologue *Revamped

Okay, this is the story i promised to invovle Christainty, Satanism and Paganism as one religion. Note: this chapter doesn't say anything about my false religion, just saying that I do discredit Christanity in this story. This first part just introduces my main character, leaving you wanting more, if you read. Please comment, I need comments, good or critique, just no flames, please. However, I have had two very skilled editor/writers look over thi three times and have perefected this part, so there won't be much to critque. Goood luck you critics and enjoy all loyal readers!

The Lost Mind - Chapter 5

The final question is answered: Who was Julian bit by?Well, this is the last chapter. If you have any idea on how to make it longer, than do tell. I might figure a way to make another chapter or make a follow up story on this or something,but probably not. Enjoy everyone! Please comment on how you like it, not grammar and such.

Mercury - Chapter 1 *Revamped

Alright, I put in more to explain some major things about the reason for her struggles in a time not her own. But as always, it's more cryptic than explanitory. Enjoy :-) As of now, Alanna must welcome Selene’s light into her body and slip out of her house once more. She hopfully gets out without trouble.

Daydream - Chapter 1

Clip of story: A light grey wolf rushed out of the bushes at that exact moment and kicked its hind legs, sending it flying towards Jake. The animal had its mouth wide open, ready to bite into flesh. However, Dysear had been at just the right angle to see the wolf coming before it leapt off its feet . She pushed Jake down onto the ground just in time to see the wolf a foot from coming in contact with her shoulder. Dysear ducked her head and held down Jake’s at the same time. Her actions allowed the wolf to sail over, and past their bodies, then collide with the firm ground of the forest. Note: Bisexual warning on this first chapter, if not more of the story. This story is based off my cruel reality. Not! It includes my best friend, his current girl friend, an interest of someone's and myself. I kind of have a love square going on, so if you don’t want to get confused or pissed off at me for doing so, then go to a different story of mine. This story is usually written while I'm in a state of suspension of raging emotions. So it should be as good if not better than The Lost Mind, because that story was also written from my emotions. I hope you enjoy it, I know it helps me. Please, no grammar critique unless it's really bad grammar. Otherwise, I’d love comments on story development, character development and anything else.

A Night's Conquer - One

To be honest, although I haven't written anything to post for the longest time, I don't feel I could summarize this little bit of a story. Let's just say I promise to be ther's going to be my usual creatures, but this time I have a romance to go with them.

Daydream - Chapter 2

Warning: There is cutter themes here and for most of this story forward. Dysear and Jake come back from the clearing. Davyn freaks out about Dysear;s shoulder and immediately goes to help. But, what's strange is he doesn't remember how she got the wound. More than that happens, but you'll have to read to find out!

The Lost Mind - Chapter 3

Don't read, this is another cliff hanger and I won't be editing this for a while. I do have a life other than writing at the moment.

The Lost Mind - Chapter 2*

Yes, another revised chapter, but you'll have to stop after reading this chapter until chpater three and others have been revised. You will know when they have a * by the name. We learn the secret keeper's name in this chapter, but can she stop Julian from doing something he'd regret later?