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A character from the comic (or possibly illustrated novel) I'm working on. As of now, I'm also posting a picture and description for one of the other characters. 'I've learned a lot from being alone.' Name: Aminia Age: 27 Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Dark Brown Homeland: The Adani Basin (plainspeople) Magical Affinity: Lightening Deity: Aminia follows Ranj, the Storm Lord Weapon of Choice: Chained Sickles Height: 6'5” Weight: 210 pounds Favorite Color: Yellow Favorite Food: Grilled Gazelle Born to the tribespeople of the Adani plains, Aminia and her elder sister Aza were taken from their homes as children when the last champion of the Storm Lord determined that the next champion would come from their family. Both were trained at the palace in the capital city on the Afya Bora river working on the assumption that one of the two of them would be chosen (most people thought it would be the elder sister, Aza) as all the other members for their bloodline were too old. It turned out to be Aminia who Ranj chose and not long after hearing the news Aza fled the city, leave in behind only a note. She had written to Aminia telling her that she loved her, but if she remained she would grow to hate her and her heart could not bare that. Aminia is quiet, reserved, and seems humorless (she does actually have a sense of humor, it's a just very, very dry). She understands that the responsibility that has been place on her is an important one, and she treats it and the mission she is given with all seriousness. An intelligent person with a gift for leadership, Aminia is the most mature of the six champions and their unofficial leader. Her weapon skill and magical power are well balanced, though she prefers to use her spells to augment her combat abilities. More than anything she wishes to search for Aza, but she remains, intent on doing her duty and fulfilling her responsibility. She is distanced from the rest of her family and her tribe, having long ago affected the clothing and traditions of the Adani river dwellers. At her heart, Aminia is a very lonely person. She has few friends until she meets Hok'ee, a brash ex-gladiator from the Ersani forests (more on him later). Though the story focuses more on Taru and Kai, Aminia is still a central character. You'll notice the signature on this piece. I've started placing those because I've had a lot of trouble with a plagairist (she's also been leaving flames in my elfwood gallery).Read about her here: http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=staceyhaters

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