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Fire-Heart: The Hero Sallies Forth

'Not too long after that, he was on his own and very, very scared ...' (Mods: All translations at bottom of page. All illustrations done in 'Poser 5' with shipped figures/materials from Poser 5 and Poser 5 Content CD. RDNA's SkyDome and GilaMonster's Robes also used in certain renders.)

The Idiot Boy

Behold! My 400th Comment Prize for the goodly Ms. Chaos, who has an unfathomable liking for Schiri: a -second- look into my pet Dark Elf's thoroughly nasty mind! (The first is in Chapter 8 of 'Soulfire Seeking', for those who don't know, or those who'd like to avoid it after reading this.) This scene is fairly self-contained (I hope!), but I'll give you a rough background - it's set at the beginning of my second book, 'Soulfire Summoning', and depicts a scene from the book that is actually shown from -Nuan's- perspective. I just thought I'd give Schiri the floor for this one. Yeah, it was a dumb idea. He really is pretty nasty, isn't he? Anyway ... here it is! Hope you like it, Erin! :D (Oh, and a couple of translations ... 'felivrin' is Dark Elven for 'damned/accursed', and 'Aylgrir' is the Northern name for Schiri, meaning - astonishingly enough - 'Grey-eyes'!)

Of Vampires and Steaks Again

The gripping conclusion of yet another unbelievable adventure. 'How did this girl ever pass High School English?' you cry. We may never know. There are many questions left in this mysterious conclusion, as you'll see. Oh, and has anyone spotted the Stupidest Pun Ever yet? I'm waiting to see if anyone does ... :P

Tintauri's Squire (Part III)

One by one, places and ways to hide are running out for Tal, and the only choices left are hardly choices at all ...

War of Words

This is one of a number of story challenges I've done for a writing community I'm a member of - Talechasing. That's where most of my stuff on the fae goes, so some of my shiny Elfwood regulars probably won't be familiar with them. Some may have read that monster 'Blackberries' - this is set about four hundred and fifty years further back. Without further ado, then - introducing the rather word-tricky Cochalyon, a prince of the year-shifter fae, and the rather sneaky Queen Yurahaina of the moon fae. They amuse me. I hope they amuse you too. ^_-

Dragonmakers: Cake

Samara's struggle with the charming Ashcroft boys continues ...

Dragonmakers: Spud

This is just me reposting 'Dragonmakers', the lovely Anne Whitver's comment prize. I can't remember what the magic number was, but anyway, it was much appreciated. ;D I hope you like the new stuff, Anne! For those good people who've read this in my LJ, there are only a few very superficial changes in this new version (mainly to Samarra's character), but a second chapter will probably follow soon ... ish. And if anyone has more suggestions about characterisations, please, I'm all ears!

Dragonmakers: Mould

Did I hear someone say 'infodump'? ;D

A Night of Souls

The second instalment in Schiri's eventful life (he has no lines, but oh, well). I think I like this one a little better than the first, but it's still a bit choppy - all suggestions for a less disjointed narrative more than welcome ...

Fire-Heart: The Siege Is Lifted

And so ends the tale of the young not-really-Paladin. Finally. Thank goodness. (Mods: All translations at bottom of page. All illustrations done in 'Poser 5' with shipped figures/materials from Poser 5 and Poser 5 Content CD. RDNA's SkyDome and GilaMonster's Robes also used in certain renders.)

Lost Sons and Lost Souls (II)

The second half of Kiraleen's search for her son. All opinions, suggestions on this, particularly the ending, are welcomed (read: pleaded for). ;)

The Queen's Man

Pallena, the lady of a small holding, chooses to throw support behind the Old Queen in her royal war with her husband - and soon finds her castle besieged by the angered King. With only a noncommittal winterknight sent by the Old Queen to help, has Pallena really chosen the right side? Written for Cecily, who draws frighteningly bright-eyed Acarthians, and happens to like albinos and winterish things. The main inspiration for this story, though, actually came from a brief conversation we once had about a certain fantasy profession. You'll see which. The pace is far too muddled as I read it through now, and there are two sentences where I tried experimenting with new sort of clause pattern things which I've now decided I don't like (challenge: find them XD) but I hope you enjoy anyway. Er, especially you, Cecily, since that was the point. *crosses fingers* ;) Updated: You can now see Cecily's sketch of Tintauri here ... I'll make it an inline illustration next time I update ... *beams*

A Night of Blood

Schiri continues to be a less-than-welcome member of the happy Palantasa family, and his own problems take a new turn ...

A Night of Storms

This is one of a few short stories about the early life of one of my characters. I wrote it quite late at night, so it's a bit patchy and rushed, not quite self-contained, and could do with more fleshing out in the descriptions. Someday. For anyone who's confused by all those changing names whizzing overhead, Palantas is the name of the family, Palantasi is the plural for members of the family, and Palantasa is a kind of genitive adjective (ie. 'Australian girl' -> 'girl of Australia'). The same goes for Rimairan and Rimairani. And for those worried about my grasp of biology - it takes a day or two for newborn Elves to open their eyes. Cattish, not humanish.

Fire-Heart: The Siege Begins

Becoming a Paladin seems more and more like a bad idea. (Mods: All translations at bottom of page. All illustrations done in 'Poser 5' with shipped figures/materials from Poser 5 and Poser 5 Content CD. RDNA's SkyDome and GilaMonster's Robes also used in certain renders.)

Of Vampires and Steaks

Here it is - part one of the all-new, all-respiffed, no-sense-at-all, did-I-just-lose-minutes-of-my-life Number Two Finished Caius and Morgant Story! :D I'd like to thank B-Grade Vampire Stories everywhere, my chromasomatic malfunction, and most importantly all the lovely people who commented on Version 0.5 Beta. You all made this possible. Live with the consequences. ;D (Oh, and if you're wondering, I changed the title because I'm corny.)


Fiannas, a night fae imprisoned in the Iron Hold facility, learns the truth of the saying 'be careful what you wish for' - especially for creatures of magic. This short was written as a response to the 'reverie' challenge in Talechasing, a little writing group I'm involved with. I just thought I'd put one up here for a change. By the way, I do apologise for the ridiculous quantity of squiggles over vowels in the fae language (Inyaronian). Inyaronian is a musical language with five tones, and each squiggle represents a different pitch. If you don't like it, don't ever study Mandarin or Cantonese. ;D Translations ýn ī sádīlāssí û? - how did you come here? làn û? - are you all right? ĭsīthí - little one cálàsí eà! - come back this way yú - no

Blackberries (Part One)

This is my contribution to Jenna Morgan's Celtic Calendar Challenge. Here's her nice little intro: In The White Goddess Robert Graves sets out the thirteen-month Celtic calendar, associating each month with a different sacred plant. Sadly, his explanation has virtually no historical basis. One of the great joys of writing fantasy, however, is the ability to write our own histories. Here, then, is the Celtic Calendar. Each of the participating writers chose a month, and its tree, as their starting point and wrote. Now, after two and half months of dedication on everyone's part, I'm pleased to present the Celtic Year... And now here's my specific intro: ARGH. What more can I say? Argh, argh, argh. I'm rather disappointed with this. It got far too long for the time I allotted myself, so this is effectively a draft. I have a horrible feeling there's something very important I forgot to do to the storyline. It needs truckloads, -boatloads- of work on pacing, length, language and pretty much anything you might care to name. Will I ever be able to bring myself to do it? Erm, not for a long, loong time ... Anyway, I'm going on holiday now, and I hope it's a better one than Cail and Sabella's. ^_-

Tintauri's Squire (Part I)

This is the story of Tal, a youth submitted as the hostage of a noble family to the cold court of the Queen and her infamous winterknights ... a place where only the very strong or the very cruel survive. Essentially a sequel to 'The Queen's Man' - if you plan on reading that, better click Here and go there first, because this contains spoilers! This is one of the only things I wrote this year, sometime back in (Northern Hemisphere ;P) summer. I'm still really pleased with the way it turned out, not to mention the speed - both rather unusual circumstances for me. As ever, all comments and criticisms gladly received ... Considering she prompted not only this story but the whole preceding concept itself, and considering that both the illustrations were drawn by her as well, this is definitely going to have to be dedicated to the mighty Cecily Webster as well (images are posted with her permission, incidentally).

Dragonmakers: Newspaper

What Samara Did Next. She's actually turning out a very prickly creature, but I don't hate her just yet. Whew! And Taramyn seems to have shaken Nuan. For now ...

Of Evangelism and Petunias

At last, I have -half- a story written in more or less cohesive fashion ... obviously not polished, but there you go. ;) Here begin the not-really-heroic adventures of Caius and Morgant, and a serious of sad forays on the author's part into attempted wit which often fall very flat. ;P If you like it, or don't hate it too aggressively, you can also read the excerpt 'Of Insanity and Pointy Ears' afterwards ...

Lost Sons and Lost Souls

I started to write this after I saw a beautiful, beautiful sight in 2002 - the aurora Australis, visible from Hobart for once. It was incredible - all this wispy white smoke (no colours) rippling and shifting and filling half of the sky. So of course I started to write a story about ghosts. The association is obvious. Want some Prozac? I've got lots.


Ancaladis, the less-than-social master dragonmaker of Loria, receives two very unpleasant visitors ... Translations năsū - iron năsāshū - iron-numbness (Ah. Looks like Elfwood doesn't like non-ANSI files, so no vowel-squiggles actually appear in the text. Sorry. *facial twitch*)

Tintauri's Squire (Part IV)

The coming of the Queen, and the final fate of a knight and his squire. (Final illustration also by the awespiffy Cecily Webster, but done no justice by the butchery my camera made of the real thing. :( Posted with permission.)

Blackberries (Part Three)

Translation for mods: Hura! Hura! Angahar sheva-da! - Butcher, butcher, come and see

Dragonmakers: Go Away

Taramyn's plan goes swimmingly. People lose their tempers and then drink tea. Yes.

Fire-Heart: Food and Water

'Lórannon decided it was high time for a bit of initiative, something that none of the Paladins seemed very keen on ...' (Mods: All translations at bottom of page. All illustrations done in 'Poser 5' with shipped figures/materials from Poser 5 and Poser 5 Content CD. RDNA's SkyDome and GilaMonster's Robes also used in certain renders.)


Ever since I was little (and played 'Conquests of Camelot' / read 'The Hobbit'), I've adored riddles. But it's bleeding hard to a) think of something hard b) make it rhyme. These are a few wobbly attempts at old ages-style riddles. By the way ... I don't believe in giving answers. ;)

Tintauri's Squire (Part II)

'I can't do this. I thought I could. I can't. I can't.' More of the perils of Ceorlhold.

Fire-Heart: The Siege Continues

Desperation and despair begin to press in - even on the strong. The rest is coming ... just waiting on my ticket lock ... (Mods: All translations at bottom of page. All illustrations done in 'Poser 5' with shipped figures/materials from Poser 5 and Poser 5 Content CD. RDNA's SkyDome and GilaMonster's Robes also used in certain renders.)

Fire-Heart: Fire

'No more say,' the winter-voice said out of the darkness. 'No more wait.' (Mods: All translations at bottom of page. All illustrations done in 'Poser 5' with shipped figures/materials from Poser 5 and Poser 5 Content CD. RDNA's SkyDome and GilaMonster's Robes also used in certain renders.)

Fire-Heart: Darkness Comes to Lyffes

Two years ago, some lunatic asked for a 500th comment prize containing Lórannon. He has only just shut up. Here at last, then, is the story of the young Lórannon Kurailést - voted Most Painful Paladinic Initiate in 'Paladin's Choice' magazine - and his experiences in the chapter of Lyffes. (Mods: All translations at bottom of page. All illustrations done in 'Poser 5' with shipped figures/materials from Poser 5 and Poser 5 Content CD. RDNA's SkyDome and GilaMonster's Robes also used in certain renders.)

Blackberries (Part Four)

The end! ^o^


I scribbled this down on one particularly uninspired night - just a weird, strange sort of random thingie, if you want the technical literary description. ;D I'm dedicating this to everyone who loathes Microsoft Word, and to anyone else who may happen to have a disagreeable, typecast muse ...

Of Evangelism and Petunias Again

They said it couldn’t be done! They said it was sheer madness to try! But here it is – *another* finished short story for my library! (If you’re here, and you haven’t read ‘Of Evangelism and Petunias’ yet … you might want to go do that first. But sense is optional with this story.) Anyway, here concludes the first great tale in the lofty saga of Caius and Morgant. Paladins! Piccolos! You name it, and it probably isn’t in here! But I’ll be happy if you get a laugh out of it (even a feeble one), and even happier if you give me a more satisfying ending than the one I’ve got here, because I dun like it much. Oh, and a very special thank-you to all the lovely people who left lovely comments in part one, thereby encouraging me to finish this off!

Blackberries (Part Two)

Yep, part two. I wish I hadn't done the HTML in Microsoft Word. It always makes the files ten times bigger than they have to be ...

The Bronze King and Winter's Daughter

'Mortals cannot see all ends. The world is wide and mysterious, and full of gods.' A slightly different myth with a slightly different narrator.

Of Heredity and Soup Again

And so endeth a mighty saga of soup, blackjack and absolutely no monkeys, guaranteed. Next cometh the minor edit of 'Of Evangelism and Petunias' (with a loverly picture from a kindly and talented soul, Maia :D); then cometh 'Of Rocks and Redundant Letters'; then cometh the tale of How Caius Met Kaliana and Sadarion, knowneth aseth 'Of Coronations and Clean Washing'. Eth.

Of Heredity and Soup

It's here! At last! A new beginning (not that anyone ever saw my ratty old beginning - whew! :P) for the sweepingly majestic Adventures of Of. As you can see, I've taken a slightly different tack on the world - and Caius has gone either up or down in it, depending which way you look at it - so I'll probably *slightly* rewrite the others to fit a bit better with this. No major changes, though. The Acarthians are still Acarthians, Caius is still Caius and cows still abound. Moo.