Lyndsay Gilbert aka Liadan

I am a 18 year old scorpio (pisces rising, virgo moon) girl from Northern Ireland, who likes art, writing, the Celts, music and reading. All my art is inspired by my imagination and that of my best friend Helen, as I generally draw characters from our worlds. I am a high school student, studying Advanced Level English Literature, Classical Civilisation and Modern History. I am also obsessed with Faeries and astrology. If you'd like to know more about crazy lil me, then my email is **I have both Stories poems and drawings up here. The '*' in the stories section indicates a poem.**

Without Her Wings *

Broken hearted Modern Faery


This is a poem from the perspective of Crimsin the faery- the blood pooling around her comes from her constant bleeding wings. She was cursed by her father at birth to be like this. An Unseelie (Unblessed/evil) Faery tradition.

Poisoned Smoke

Short story about a vampyre character of mine (Raphael- the same character as my poem 'sweet' is from). Well He is slightly messed up as you can see from both this and the poem. For your reference Shen Ta is the god of Epsilon. He decrees that he os the only god that may be worshipped.


Brook of the Dead Waters, charming, chauvantist, materialistic Elven Mercenary- Brook is Helen'scharacter. from our story ForsakeN. Helen has written a follow up to this piece and I'm sure she will put it up if I ask her kindly.

The Glass Princess

Romance poem, traditional fairytale

They are the Faeries *

Cute lil faery poem

The World *

Faery and mortal love once more.

Dream Sale *

This is a poem from the perspective of a forlorn slave to her necromancer master, who though he lives in darkness can still look to the light.

Spindle Red

Chapter One of a twisted Christmas Faerytale

Sweet *

Another poem about a vampire

The Truth of the Lovers' Sky*

The truth about sunset- what if the moon was alive and her lover was the sun? I thought that it would echo the meeting of human soulmates. As humans we are dying every day. So if we met our soulmate in everylife we would only be meeting to say goodbye again. Just like our Lady Moon her and her Lover the Sun...oh and don't forget the talking stars. All the things that the lovers never hear whilst kissing as the sun goes down.

The Witch Finder, Tarquinn

The first installment of a story about Clara, a young peasant girl on the dark world of Epsilon, and the trails that she faces when her sick Mother is visited by ill fortune and cruelty.

Kissed by Faeries- A prologue

The beginning, I hope, of a story. Let me know what you think.


poem story about an Angel Muse

Faery Dust

the prince replies to my other poem 'His Fire'. Still challenging fairytale stereotypes.


Shortpiece I wrote from mine and Helen Fall's series 'Forsaken'.

Dark LordAdoring *

Poem from a Vampyre courtesan to her necromancer owner.

Isis by Night *

Inspired by the Egyptian Myth of Isis and Osiris.

The Cliff at the edge of the Universe

A letter written by Avayelle, same character from a few of my poems to the Necromancer.


Poem about a succubus written at midnight.

The Box World *

A Poem I wrote for teaching a class of 11 year olds a poetry lesson. They each wrote their own poems and I took a copy of each. They are so cute.

Walls of Sparkling Amethyst *

About two Faery's trapped in mortal souls.

What a Lovely Day to Drown*

Poem about drowning

Faery Led *

A poem about a mind that is led by the faery of self burial.

Dragon Tears

I've altared and fixed a little. Though my Dad told me you shouldn't make changes to poetry incase it defeats the purpose. I can't help it. So this poem is about a late night Tarot reading, and the depth of our imaginations...


Written in the voice of Kaylas the Dragon, makng a promise to a dark faery named Crimsin. They didn't get off to a good start you see...

Nightmares *

The faery girl running away from her evil past once again. She is speaking to the mortal that she runs with.

Onward *

Written by the same Faery girl- who is running from the evil of her past and her cruel brother.


This is a short exert from one of my stories, regarding a young general of a world were females hold all the power (sorry guys ;> )


About Crimsin, she's not so dark anymore...

His Fire*

Poem challenging the fairytale stereotypes. What if she was in love with the dragon?

Samhain Night*

I wrote this for the Halloween Poem competition but it was too long so I had to take a verse out and make it into two poems. But here it is in full...

Writer's Block *

Writen at a paticularly stressful time in my life.