Deidre and Aeh

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Lianne Oostindjer

This are Deidre and Aeh. They are actually one and the same. They are my favourite roleplay characters^^. ok, here's the story: Aeh Tarion has been on Earth since it's creation. He has seen many wars and throughout the ages he has become a murderer, a cold blooded killer. Insanity struck him when his wife, Laureley, and his 2 year old daughter, Lilly, get slaughtered in front of his eyes by some city guards. Before that he was already crazy and killed for fun and money, but when he saw his loved ones die he went insane and started to kill only for fun and revenge. Many people died under his scythe untill that one day... He had just finnished a kill when he saw a woman. She looked exactly like Laureley. He ran towards her but what he didn't know was that she was an imposter and that around 40 men lay in ambush. They knew that if they would come with less people, he would kill them all with his huge scythe. He killed half of the group but they got him to the ground and beat him up, stabbed him, tortured him and eventually left him to die, to bleed to death. Two years earlier Deidre Elenya was born and it was on her second birthday that she decided to crawl away from her house. And then the little child found Aeh. He knew a spell to transfer spirits and so he used it on hisself and transported himself in Deidre's body, since she was his only hope. But Deidre was, even though a baby, stronger than he had thought. She was mostly in control but Aeh did have some influence on her life. He and deidre could communicate but only argue out loud. And because deidre had brown eyes, and Aeh had green eyes, one of Deidre's eyes turned green, so she has one brown eye and one green eye. Aeh had made his scythe very tiny before he died and had hidden it in Deidre's clothes. Her parents started to fear her, fear the man's voice that came out of her mouth, fear her eyes. And so they brought her to the mountains and simply abandoned her there. Aeh raised her and taught her to fight, but the lack of people around Deidre made her asocial and she doesn't know how to act around other people. She has gone insane, just like Aeh, and almost emotionless, since emotions were useless anyway when you lived on your own. Now she wields the scythe of Aeh, The Scythe of Insanity and she has left the mountains to explore the world around her.

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