C. Seidel

For those of you who care, I am not dead.  I'm merely involved in a different (and immersive) project right now.  I'll emerge eventually.  I'll be around, but only occassionally.  If you really want to contact me, I still say use my e-mail.  That is all, we now return you to your regularly scheduled boredoms. My muse is being tempermental and fussy, so expect updates sporadically.  ...I say that like they've ever been anything else.  Anyway, if you're here to read, bravo, and I adore you.    All the rest of you, I know where you live.  Ok, well, that actually only applies to some of you.  Friends are always welcome, and you all know how much I like company. Here in Elfwood there are so many people that make it a wonderful place to be, such as an interstring werewolf who welcomes all authors and characters to her glade, a stubborn hairball who has ingratiated himself into our hearts, a lovely irish lady, a sweet Canadian with the cutest li'l dragon you've ever seen, and a Jimbo! Who could be without the Igor?   Obligatory facts about me: I work in a mental health hospital. (on theright side of the counter, dammit! ...most of the time) I have a life. Occassionally this means that I don't respond to comments for a while, as I am busy living said life. If you really want an answer to something, e-mail me. I tend to get to those pretty regularly. I am older than twenty and younger than forty.  That's all you get, suckers!

Another World

~Poem~ Have you ever felt trapped by this world and longed desperately for another? I have...

Of Violets and Moonbeams:2

This is the second chapter of the story. Here's Ari six years later.

Recaptured: Chapter One

Inspired by an Evanescence song, this is one of my better pieces. Detailed beginning of Lir's story, and how even the jaded can sometimes believe.

Wer 2

This is the second part of my continuing story, Wer. The twins make it down the mountain, but what shall they find? Dedicated to Cecily, for everything. You rock, Wolfly One.

Summer Snow

This was written because I was listening to too much of the 'Last Unicorn' soundtrack. Disturbing dreams and strange things in the woods ensue. ...and yes, I know this is a lame blurb, but it's the best I can do right now.

Sending Butterflies

This story is for Jenny, my Greeneyes, my best friend, my twin-sib. Only ever a memory away, sis, and I miss you every day.

Immortal Eyes

It's a question of immortality: do you want it? Somewhat dark, be prepared for a fallen of, shall we say, unusual personality. Translations: koishii is an endearment like sweetheart; akki means demon; iki is the word for abandonment. Edit: I'm still playing with this one. I've made some changes, including finally getting rid of that gawdawful cheesy scene at the end. Now, there is romancy goodness! Bweh. See what you think, and please, let me know.


This is where it all began...the fairy rabbit.

Shifting Sand

A man fights to reconcile his image with his self, and contemplates a long-gone figure. This is dedicated to John Kelley for being the great guy he is. Aaaaaaand as a comment prize. Good for John!


~Poem~ Dark and painful. This is intended to evoke the darker side of emotion and make your heart bleed, so be warned.


This is one of my favorite pieces. It's a story of love and loss, and the magic of finding what you're looking for in the pouring rain. NEW/EDIT: Tightened it up a little, changed some wording for impact, and broke the last bit into pieces so as not to daunt people with the lumping.


This is a working title, don't make fun of it! Twin brothers have a relaxing time at the hotpools...or do they? Dun dun dun!! First part, more comes later, I promise!

Fields of Dawn

A woman waits for her beloved to return from a harrowing test. NEW/EDIT Alright, I give, I gave it paragraphs!

I Remember You

This is what happens when I don't want to work and have strange lyrics running through my mind! Poems emerge from the chaotic darkness that is my brain...Mwuahahaha! *ahem*

Recaptured: Chapter 2

Finally! I know it's short, but it's something. A little more on Lir and Carus, expect a fuller chapter when I finally get my muse unfrozen.

Of Violets and Moonbeams

Very much older story, of a girl who grieves for a life she can no longer have, and the beginning of a new one that involves magic.


Dark, raw, and a bit controversial. What does it take to break a person? And what do you do when you feel your soul dying? NEW/EDIT Ok, just a little bit of tweaking, nothing major. Just trying to heighten the impact of it.

Angel's Sin

~Poem~ An angel's thoughts on her love and her fall.

The Ballad of Auralee

~Poem~ A tale of when the world began, and what event took Magic from our world forever. This is the ballad of Auralee as she sang it to me on a cool summer's night as we lay upon the grass.

Serevyn's Plaint

This is a poem about seriously star-crossed lovers. There's a storyline in there somewhere... NEW/EDITED And now there really is a storyline. I redid this, hoping to make it a little clearer, and ended up with an epic. So, yeah... And yes, I will be reworking the actual story and adding to it as I continue my editing of already written pieces.

Infection (or Undine's Lament)

'A fish may love a bird, but where would they live...?' Unknown quote I promised you a poem, Em, and here it is! ...It's not a very happy one, but it's still a poem! I hope you like it.

Morning Star

A bit of a different take on an old concept. Let's take a look at the face of the devil, shall we?

Beyond Redemption

This is the story that came out of the poem 'Serevyn's Plaint' It will be edited when I get around to it. NEWS: I am currently world-building for this story, so this will be coming down eventually and replaced with a much more detailed story.

Come Thee Now

A love poem...ummm, yeah.

Never Listen to Pixies

The title pretty much says it all. 'Cause listening to pixies can get you into some pretty interesting things... This is all modern-day, and yes, this did in fact happen to me. Other than the whole mythical being thing, you know.

The Unnamed

This is very short. It's a little poem about the creatures that fly in the night, who love the darkness. They have no name, but I see them as they fly 'cross the moon...do you?