Natalie Huff

Heya, Ya can call me NJ!br> Whoa, was I dead or something? Sorry i like haven't been in here for months, I was mad at Elfwood awhile back cause of my image sizing but I decided to give it another shot. I don't have too much greatness right now but I will be having alot new stuff soon, I been so busy latley all my drawing as been on the back of my homework assignments or for my pathetic comic strip wich hasn't been updated in a while. I just finished a paly at my school a few days ago so i'll be getting back to work now. If anyone has tried e-mailing me in the past two months, thoes e-mails were not received. decided to charge on me so I no lonegr sue that e-mail, how sad it was cool too. My temporary e-mail is my comic e-mail, I'll be changing it soon but don't be afraid to e-mail me about pics and such, and I'll be responding to comments and such shortley, and to thoes who have left request in the coments for certain pics, thoes will be fullfilled shortley I hope. Also I included my NIM/AOl username for you but only message me if it's related to artwork or somehting similiar, I'm not into the online buddy system. No offense to you all. Well happing looking to ya all, don't worry this won't hurt too much.

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