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One of my many wiki chars on Elftown :) He's a Half-Dragon human. His mother was a powerfull human sorceress, his father an ancient silver dragon. He got his gift to cast magic from his mother, and from his father he got his shiny silver scales, his ice breath and tail. He's able to change into any form between a silver dragon and a human. The only thing that never changes are silver scales on his spines. When he was born his mother soon noticed the silver scales on his back. The father of the child dissapeared soon after she met him, and she became suspicious of his true being. Later it would prove she was right and he was a Dragon. The mother went to an Oracle nearby, and the Oracle predicted many would suffer by this child, and many would die. His mother got scared of the Oracle's words, and tossed him into one of the few entries to the Underdark. How he survived the way down is a mystery, but he was found by a human lich, who had escaped his imprisonment by Mind Flayers just recently. Aratil was raised and thought many things, including som magic by this Lich. At the age of 15 they got out of the Underdark and travelled far to find Aratils parents. They found the mother when she was dying of an uncureable illness, and Aratil never forgave her for tossing him into the Underdark. Later they found his father, an ancient Wyrm. He tought Aratil many magics and the Draconic language. At the age of 22 Aratil traveled again, eventually ending up in a monastary where he learned the ways of the Monk. Now he was a powerfull combination of a Fighter, a Sorcerer and a Monk, on top of being a Half-Dragon. He fell in love once, but sadly he killed his love himself, in an incredible outburst of rage in which he went berserk. She couldn't get away in time and was frozen solid for eternity. Aratil still hates himself for what he did, and now sees himself as his own worst enemy.

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