Gesh, the Stitch-Together-Familiar

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Rachel Muessig

Long ago a Necromancer of Sowing Life and Death did what humans have been trying to do for Centuries: Create Living Artifitial Intellegance. Gesh is a living construct made up by burlap, straw, a willow wood skeleton and many more powerfully magically indowed components. When a Stitch-Together-Familiar is created it is like a child; it is intelegent, has great compasity to learn, but other than knowing all of the languages that its creator knows, it must learn everything as a child needs do when brought into the world. It (he, in this case) does not need to eat, sleep or drink, but if it notices the creator doing these things it will wish to do so as well, the way a little sibling may coppy the older one out of admiration. It is strong and capable of jumping very high and over long distances. Among other usuful abilities, it can cast lower-level spells even when it is first created, it can see in the dark, track by sent, shares a mental link with its creator, and has free will as a completely optional trait. Its one major flaw is that it is so flamable that even the tiniest spark will cause it to ignight in flames. To keep from dieing, it must either quickly submerge itself in water or roll around on the ground in hopes of extinguishing itself. Gesh, the Stitch-Together-Familiar below, is my oldest. He has a stong Neutral Good personality, and is unfortunately too gental for his own good. He is truthful to the effect that he can not lie if his life depended on it, makes people laugh if he tries to intimidate them, and causes vilagers to run away screaming even when he is trying to be nice. Being that he is not completely "living", Gesh has a fasination with all forms of life, from a person to the smallest flower. Mind you though, he may be gental, but far from harmless; though it is very difficult to make him angry, it is not impossible. If one does manage it, I would not even suggest running. Just lay down, pretend to be dead, and pray for your life. When angered a Stitch-Together-Familiar will retract its bandages and use its large fangs and claws to rip its enemy apart. Perhaps when I find out how, I will post the spell that brought him to life, it's very interesting.

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