Lydi Sama

I´m a 16 year old girl, I´m doing technologic studies for in the near future study informatic . I really love reading books like JRR Tolkien´s ones, Looise Cooper´s, well, fantasy books in general. Another of my hobbies is anime/manga, Ispecially like Record of Lodoss War and those kind of stories. I also like music, nu-metal is my fav: deftones, waterdown, sober,incubus. But also non nu-metal, like for example Muse. The last song I´d specially liked is My December, by Linkin Park (even Linkin Park isn´t one of my fav groups...) Most of the times I draw because I´m bored, that´s why school term is a good time for doing pics for me. I love black, in fact, most of my clothes are black. I prefer night to day, is dark, more peaceful and there is the moon, my all time platonic love. Here are some links =) Tony Freitas Eneritz Trina Jilian Daniel Hian H. Rodriguez Manon Yapari