Half Breed

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Lilleah West

A half-breed, a dragons egg with a unicorns seed, he was born not a unicorn, nor a sky dragon either… no one knows why it happened or how it could happen, all this is known is that a dragon was born, that was part unicorn. Many of the dragons wanted to kill the colt but they were given a jolt as the mother protected him and would attack any dragon that dared harm a hair on his head…as one dragon now knows as he is certainly dead. But as the colt grew the others soon knew that this half-breed was certainly kin, and that is where this story begins… He became a force to be feared, a creature to be revered, the sky dragons no longer asked why he lived as now they lived a better life, this half breed eased their daily strife, as he was more powerful than any dragon here, and so they all would revere this sky dragon who was fathered by a unicorn. The half-breed was born from a dragons egg, and only teeters on the edge, of even being a unicorn, sure his has the horn and the bodies form, but his soul is dark as coal…he is not a creature of the light, he is one born to fight, he is smart but vile and has no mercy…he has the inherent nature of a drake, and this causes all below him to quake, as he also has been born with the hate, of all things not as great as he, he kills any who are not of his clan, it is a part of natures plan, for sky dragons to kill the rest, as they breed so slow unlike other dragons, and so they kill to keep the population down so the rest do not become pests…but this creature is out of place, and I fear he may be the end of many a race… here another dragon dies under the mix of skies, at the time when the suns crimson rays are out of display as the moons glow overpowers all. The Half-Breed with his scale and webbed wings, a dragon of the sky, once again mauled and hauled a dragon of earth and even gorged out his eye…. The birth of a mix of a unicorn and a sky dragon is forbidden, for it releases a very hidden power…this will be the dragon breeds last hour as this creature, part dragon part unicorn will be the death of all the rest, he is why no dragons soar the skies to be seen by our eyes, as he was the death of them all so long, long ago…and so now, you know….

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