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It had wandered for so long, a ruthless horrid form of its former self. The Royal Alicorn stallion of the young queen died in battle while trying so valiantly to save her life…or at least he should have died. The creatures’ soul became overpowered by the hate for the dragon that tore the wing from his body and so an unearthly force gave its tattered body life again as so it could search for its lost master. The demented stallion with the heart tattooed on its side by its dear owner searched on with eyes blinded by hate and a torn and beaten body that still oozed the blood of battle. It went on like this for many years, its seemingly thin and frail body adorned with bulging muscle, spines and thorns and a mouth of vicious teeth with a forked tongue…it was no wonder the young maiden was so dreadfully scared of it! …The Alicorn traveled for many years but then it caught a whiff of its owner on the breeze and it let out a deep echoing hallow neigh and charged up the mountain, uselessly flapping its torn wings. As the creature thundered into the village the people ran in terror of it as it wailed about blood splattering from its body and its bone-chilling cry piercing the air. The creature stopped and its chest heaved as if out of breath even though it has not breathed since the day of its death. He licked the air with his tongue and ran full speed after a young woman in a tattered brown dress, she screamed for her life and was crying out as she ran from the huge monster that pursued her…but then as she rounded the bend of trees the Alicorn leapt in front of her landing on the trail blocking her path…the poor woman feel to her knees and wept as she had managed to live without being found by the forces of evil for so long that to die now would be all for loss…but then as the creature did not approach her she looked up, the creature uttered a soft sound, as if trying to comfort, but as she looked at it all she could see was the flesh and blood, the protruding bones and huge teeth and the long lolling tongue that the creature could not even fit in its rotting mouth, but then she noticed the heart…”oh dear gods!” she said as she began to weep, this time not tears of fear but rather of joy and remorse. She ran to him and stroked his side and the stallion made an attempt to utter the soft whinnies he once whispered as she pet him so long ago. The stallion collapsed sitting awkwardly on its hindquarters and she lay her face on his, “you have found me, my guardian… for how long have you suffered…you saved my life just as I saved yours, you have given me my life just as how I gave you yours by raising you…but now that I am free, that I am safe, my life may be simple now, but I am happy and safe from all evil in this protected place…… It is now time that you lay to rest, my dearest stallion…” with that she cried as she watched him lift his head and the curse was lifted from his body, the spines faded with the mist that surrounded him, his fangs gone, his serpentine tongue the thorns of his horn, and once again his eyes were able to gaze upon the beautiful blue sky, for the first time in years…the young, former, queen wept in both tears of sorrow and joy as she stared into his deep blue eyes and stroked his soft gray coat and rest her head on his shoulder and listened to his last breaths and the last beats of his heart, and so the stallion slowly lowered to the ground, its sad and tattered body lay lifeless on the earth, the beauty of its former self still evident in its frail form, and his peaceful face lay in the soft soil…the queen smiled as she stroked the soft hairs of his main and tears of sadness and happiness streamed down her face; and with a steady and strong voice she sang the lament of a lost solider, one that is sung at the death of a noble and valiant warrior, and with her words the same force that once cursed the stallions body in order to give him life to fulfill his deed of protecting his queen now reconciled the evil deed by burring his body deep within the heart of the earth…the queen sat near her noble steed and watched in revered silence as the earth slowly and gracefully swallowed his broken body into the soft clutch of the earth and cherry tree sprouted at the head of his grave and bloomed a single flower…

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