Should He Live...

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It all started five years ago, the centaur mare still does not know just how it all happened, or why it happened. She was alone in the field simply waiting about, she had separated herself from the herd for a short while to have some time to herself, but after a while she became quite bored and so laid down in the grass to weave a crown of flowers while humming to herself. The rest was a blur to her as the next thing she knew she was pinned to the ground and her body was in pain and she could smell the scent of a large musty animal and the lustful neighs of a horse, and the last thing she remembered was seeing the bay stallion, a regular HORSE stallion, galloping off…...A foal was conceived that day, and eleven months later it was born.... The centaurs of the herd wanted the colt dead, he was an abomination, a freak occurrence, an unlawful mix; it was thought that the birth of the colt was a curse, that it was sinful for her to have been bred with a common horse. But the centaur mare loved the colt with all her soul, he was within her for those eleven months, she could feel him, he would respond to her, and his birth was the most joyful day of her life; he cannot help, or change, what he is, and they share a bond that only a mother and son can have. Her parents were the only ones who supported her, the only ones who wanted to see the colt grow up, to let it live, the old centaur mare and stallion were high rank of the herd and kept the others at bay. The colt itself was about two-thirds horse, his fingers were hoofed, his entire body was furry, his hair blended into a horses main that went down his back, his purely horse ears were right on top of his head and his face had the features of a horse. The colt was also unable speak, but his mother was always able to know what he wanted to say, just by looking into his intelligent, gentle eyes. Things were hard, the other centaurs may have been kept at bay but that did not keep them from bothering them, they would attempt to taunt the colt and he would often look at them with deep eyes that scream out “Why? Why are you doing this?” and then utter a soft sound like the bleating of a lamb and run to his mothers, or grandparents, side. The herd all looked down on the mother, they called her a tramp, they gave death threats to the colt almost daily and would sour even the most lovely day with their spiteful glares. The mother centaur would cry often, but then the colt would whinny or bleat and then nuzzle her and she would see the unconditional love in his eyes and would stop crying and be strong, for his sake. At one time things began to get better…until one night when her parents completely and mysteriously disappeared…then all hell broke lose for the mother and son, after three days the herd formed a mob around the colt, they circled him, they scolded him, they spit at him, the colt was scared and cried out in his shrill neigh and his mother ran to his side and protectively put her arms around him. The mob stopped their taunting but they still stayed in their circle, trapping them. The colt looked at them, no hate was evident in eyes, only compassion and question as his kind soul cannot understand why they are so cruel. The mother wept the strong tears of a mother; she demanded, she begged, she wept for them to let him be, to let him live “he is my son! No matter what he is he still lives! It is not his fault nor mine that he exists! He cannot change what he is. His birth is a miracle, a feat of fate for such a child to be born! And he is mine and you cannot take him away from this life! You cannot erase him from existence! He is here and this is where he will stay! He is my child, he is a child! He lives apart from us because of you! And he has lived through your torment all his life and yet is still so kind and uncorrupt, his soul is stronger than ANY of yours! He is My flesh and blood, he is your kin! His father may have been a horse but he is also a Centaur! He carries our blood, if you kill him, you all kill apart of yourselves!”

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