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(this is a larger picture, it did not fit in my scanner too well so the moons and the rest of the planet are cut off) Yui is one of the two celestial beings in my book. in my novel Twin Scars i describe how spirits need a mortal form in order to survive (reincarnation) and the mortal form restricts the spirits power, this explains why creatures such as dragons or wizards have such power as their physical form is less restraining, in the case of Breit and her Twin brother Yui they need no physical form and so they have endless power, but choose to give off an illusion of a physical form of their own design, Briet being more human and Yui being more animal. now as for the figures on his hand: i explained in the book how there were many worlds of life and of them some had humans and one celestial ----well first off there is at least one celestial per living world, they live off the life force of the planet rather than from a mortal form, this is how i explain our human believe in a higher force (God, or Satan) but that's not to say that the celestials do not interfere with their planet. in the case of humans one celestial had the bright idea to speed up their evolution (combining both the theories of creationism and evolution here) they thus are out of balance with nature and instead mess it up. now the celestials have the job of making sure no human spirit is reincarnated into an animal as now they are corrupt. well Briet got bored with that and combined human and animal traits making beasts (like the big 3d ones i build see 'Shekara' 'me and my beast' and 'beast and pup' there is also a image of Breit just called 'Breit) Yui at first was upset but then seeing how much the beasts benefited thing he made a few of his own. but Briet was not done meddling, and a few hundred years later she placed beast spirits into unborn human bodies creating beast-types and over the years those sprits became stronger and would physically make the human bodies look more like anthro beasts as they aged......As you can tell i have given this WAY too much thought! don't you DARE copy any of this, it is bold move to place the foundations of my book on the Internet but i want to see what you people think. all this material is copyrighted including the form of this God. i am working on making him a trademark so please to do not copy, it took me a long time to work him out. sorry if i sound crude but i am very touchy about my book.

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