The 'Gift' of Human Mind...

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Lilleah West

She never asked for this.       Her master is a young magic user, which classification he is, is well vague, as he is self-taught.  The fox’s master may live in a big rich house with many nice things but on closer inspection the place is kind of run down, old and dirty, he may have these nice things but they are all he has and he has no income so he could not afford a instructor. The one man he did find who would teach him was an old crone of a wizard who died in his sleep a month later. Through all this time the young man’s only friend as been the red fox he raised from a cub. When he became more confident in his skills, and began climbing up in society as his skills became known, he decided to give his little fox friend a gift, the gift of human body and human thought. He was unable to make her speak but he was sure by her actions that she was pleased with her new hands and her new intelligent mind. But little did he know just what his gift really was to her.        Here the fox’s master has just left for the evening with some company, she bid him farewell at the door with a grin. But once he was out of sight she wearily wandered over to her old bed in the corner. She sat herself down, concealing her naked self. She has been acting happy for her master’s sake, she always has in the past, his happiness was her happiness, but back then she was innocent and naïve and was easily made happy. She sat on her patchwork pillow, hiding her naked body, ashamed of her naked form, something an animal is never concerned with. Being of human mind is a cruel thing for an animal, as a pet fox she never had feelings of shame, or regret, she never worried about the future, or worse still - feared death. It was a terrible thing to realize that she, and every one she has ever known, will one day die, as an animal she was immune to such thoughts, just blissfully living life to its fullest. Here she sits on the edge of tears, another thing, as an animal, she did not have. Here she sits, and here she will stay, longingly wishing to have what was done be undone, here she will sit until her master comes home, where she then hide her weary, worried face and will don a “happy” persona.       If only the man knew how cruel his “gift” was, if only he was not busy enough with his new high status to look into his old friends heart and see her pain…..    Her only wish is to be a simple fox again and be free of these painful human thoughts…    

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