Oni Link and EPONA!!!

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Lilleah West

I am a big Zelda fan, Ocarina of Time being my fave as i have played in excess of 20 times…however I have played Majora’s Mask (2 times, you don't have to replay it to do alot of the events)and I liked it well enough but it was not nearly as epic and aw-inspiring as OoT...But there was 3 things about it that I liked A LOT; Kafaie being one of them, I like the whole senario with him as it was the “deepest” feeling thing in the game; I also like how in the end you find out the skull kid was the same one you taught Saria’s song to in OoT, it made Majora’s Mask less distant; but the one thing that REALLY stood out and that I LOVED was Oni Link (aka Fierce Deity Link) Now in case you did not know Oni is Japanese for demon, and he looks like a Japanese demon with the classic white hair and red and blue marks on the face (you can also see this with Sheshomaro from the anime Inu Yasha) and thus I like to see Oni Link as being demonic and insane and so that’s how I drew him in this….now, me being a horse-nut and thus LOVING Epona alot I decided to do her in Oni form as well. I gave her armor seeing as how Oni Link has armor and I also decided to make her white to go along with Links white hair, she also has the marks on her face and even a horn that mimics the double bladed sword attacted to the armor plate on her forehead, and to top it all off I did Navi/Tatle/Tale (which ever of the 3 you’d like it to be) in Oni form too, as in instead of being a floating glowing ball it is now a floating fireball. It took a long time to make Epona look decent and Links face also gave me trouble…and don’t even get me started on the time it took to color it! the idea of the Oni Link mask changing Epona inspired another drawing...so if you want to see what Deku Epona, Goron Epona and Zora Epona would look like then please see the image in this gallery called 'if the masks worked on Epona!' (this was done on computer paper with colored pencil, a black and blue sharpie, a ball point pen and a white paint pen.

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