Lilleah West

IMPORTANT NOTE:::: i have had many images copied and stolen from me lately and i now fear my book Twin Scars may be ripped off. i decided to take it down as well as all related works in the hope of preventing theft, and i hope no one has copy-cut&pasted it and tried to get it published as there own. i thank every one who has taken the time to read Twin Scars and all my other related stories and left comments, and a big thanks to the visitor who helped to edit my books. If any one who has read my books sees someone who has stolen it from me OR imitated it, inform me IMMEDIATELY! I am so scared about my life long work being taken away from me!its a shame i had to remove them, they were my best works, all that is left is, well, crap, hardly worth reading }:( so if you don't want to waste your time just go over to my art gallery here, the stories there are just as good (and better) than whats here and there are images to go with them! if you want to read one then read Worthless Bloodshed, its kinda crude and done a few years ago but its still goodI am 17 (damn i need to update this thing! I'm 19 now....shoot... that means my story Twin Scars has been up form 2 years...MY GOD I HOPE NO ONE HAS STOLEN IT!) and just starting out into the world. I hope you will take the time to look at each one, i have spent alot of my free time making my section here at Elfwood the best that I could. **** Comments make my world go round, I check them every day and I love to get new comments so please, PLEASE LEAVE ME SOME COMMENTS! Leave your mark and let me know you were here and what you thought. the stroy called 'Twin Scars' and all its related things are VERY important to me (why its down now!), i plan on publishing them all in a book, as in i really want to know what people think, i have been working on the Twin Scars saga for 4 years and it has become my world. as you can see with that photo, i have made my bedroom a part of that world. to see all the pictures that go with the stories look at my Fantasy Art section here at Elfwood (i still cannot figure out just how to add illustrations in the stories, i gave up, i tried to figure it out, and yes i did look at the FAQ, i did not work.... as in someone....Help ME!!!!) PLEASE READ TWIN SCARS!!!! i am beging you!

Draft Unicorn Team

the short story of 2 elfs who hitch up their team of powerful draft-unicorns on an urgent delivery of dragons eggs.

Worthless Bloodshed

a short story. as the title says, its got blood, this is different than my other things, thats because i did it for school, it sorta about a gang in a fantasy-type world similar to earth, i still like this story, its bold ;)

Unnatural Kirin

this is a short story of an emperor's obsession with the Asian unicorns, and the result of his attempts at altering the breds bloodlines by cross-breeding them with other equine.

Quizbeth the outcast

the short story of an alicorn who was the heir to the herd, but after the death of his father he was brutally kicked out