Erin Lytle

Well, meet the world's most die hard Aeris fan! I'm currently into the .hack games, still adore FF, DBZ, Ranma, aaaand....some other stuff. But mostly Aeris :D I swear every time I update there's a new picture of her. I just can't stop drawin' her! Anyways, I do take requests, and I'm REALLY trying to get better about them but! AP studio art takes up alot of my time, and I tend to be forgetful*blush* So, if I do accept your request you'll need to remind me. My full bio's in my Loth gallery if you're that interested in me. New Aeris pictures! Big shock! I've finally learned how to draw Tifa, so there's pictures of her too. I also FINALLY got my website up, so everybody go take a look!