Linda Lindqvist

And I make myself into a liar. Picture of another BGII character, Qaiziaq. There may come a watercolor of her in addition to this one. Narf. JULY 2005 By the way, I've officially graduated now. w00t!


Finally, the third installment in Time for a Change. I actually merged three stories together in this one. Yes, you can tell at the end that something bad is going to happen. Poor Megan.

Creation Myth

Creation myth in the little rangery world. It's a part of the religion held by about half of the humans.

In Sickness and in Health

Short little story about the halfway happy Ranger duo(that's their official designation now heh) which deals with their experience with inkeepers, barmaids, and Healers. Written in the span of four and a half hours in summer school, and I only recently got around to revising and HTMLizing it. Kinda sad. Ah well. Read and comment, as always.

The Greedy King

A short little faerie tale taht I wrote in my journal late one night. Being obsessive little me, I wrote out four possible endings for it, but this is the one I like the most. Anyway. It's really short, so read and enjoy!

The War of the Gods

Another little bit of mythology, for the same world. Sorta short, but hey, it was a short war. Read the Creation Myth first.


Second installment of 'Time For a Change' (of course, this one didn't need any censoring :}) Oooo... the plot thickens (as it's going to desperately need to do, and quickly). I'm going to eventually draw Nikita, but only when I figger out what he looks like :)-


This one oughta be fully censored.... narf. Anyway. Nutty little vampire story with a funny little spirit type dude. Poor Jones. I feel kinda sorry for him.

On Leave, Part Two

Narf. Censored. Not much to say about it, except this is the bloody part.

Variations on a Theme

Heh, I have fun writing in computer apps. Anyway, this is parts 1 and 2 (the happy-sad-happy one and the happy-sad-sad one), from the South and the North respectively. I may write them out longer, but I kinda linke them like this. Nice bedtime stories. (If I ever have any kids, they'll be traumatized.)

On Leave, Part One

ATTACK OF THE KILLER CRUSTACEANS!!!!!!! Hee hee. Kels and Skonir (and Qrill, but he's not too important in this particular story. I've written too much about him recently) are on leave. They go to the beach and interesting things happen. Skonir opens up a little about his not-exactly-idyllic childhood in Velshaer. This story takes place directly before the problems with Darkmage Akasha. (In fact, the end of this story merges with the middle of 'The Performers'. Oddly enough.)