Lindsay Walker

Ah yes, my favourite thing, talking about myself. I am Lindsay, and I AM CANADIAN! I'm going to school now....taking art at our local college and I've realized that I don't enjoy school. At all. A dude I know once described me as bohemian, and I suppose that's true. For those of you who don't know what bohemian means I pulled up the definition from as a reference: is one of my all time favourite websites....along with AND (not porn) Besides drawing I also play piano, guitar, flute, clarinet and soprano saxophone and in my spare time I watch a hell of a lot of t.v. and movies. My favourite show as of just recently is Roseanne....Darlene is my hero. If I could be 1/10th as sarcastic as her I'd be a happy girl. Anyways, the drawings posted here are not my best, and some are a little dated. A lot of my time and effort goes into my assignments for school but they don't fit in that well with the fantasy theme and are therefore emitted. Anyways, Turtle Power dudes! I love you Nisa....all dogs to go heaven.