Lindzi Smith

I really dont have much to say, im 15, i go to school. life is dull. although even life would not be complete without chocolate or art. i like elfwood, but even elfwood would be better if they gave out free chocolate.. Anyway, adittedly my drawings aren't half as good as a lot of people on here, but i need supportive critism/comments/etc to improve so Please Leave Coments! I've put a few things up that i really dont like too, more to fill up a bit of space than anything.. I draw when im bored or happy or depresssed and also when im in any kind of mood! to be honest i cant really think of any deep meanigful philosophical explanations so that'll have to do for now!! LAST UPDATE: 12/9/03 p.s. really sorry if this html lark doesnt work! and pointers would be greatly appreciated =)