Karl Lines

This is the way to escape from our agitation and develop ourselves, Use your illusion and enter my dream...Well its 2004, I'm now 26, Still from Wales in the Uk, still like cheese and would still like to thank...Staci Goddard for the time and inspiration to try to be the best,Mrs Hunter-Angel R. T. Lankes Josh Potter Kim Van Gampelaere RIP Sofie 'Fidget' Van Gampelaere Anneke Broenink Helen Laura Broenink Kate Dawidziak Kalorlo (Heather Kelly) Melissa A Hitchcock Indigo R. Wake Meredith French Mark Andrew Goldfine Viktoria Satervik Jen Allman Mart D. Chandler Christina Serra Sofie Liden Steph Salt Mike Burley OH and dont forget the Aussie for all the support, Check them out! Announcement due to changes in my financial situation (basically im penniless LOL) I am accepting PAID comissions only, either contact me thru my email for details OR contact me and I will put you in contact with my representatives, sorry for this folks hope you understand