Michael Rasmussen

Hello and thank you for visiting my gallery! First of all, let me say that I am a member of the Comment Exchange.  Members of the Comment Exchange promise that the first time you comment on any of my artwork, stories, or main page, you will receive comment(s) in return.Comment Exchange Members To join Comment Exchange, simply become a registered user at: http://www.commentexchange.org and place this declaration somewhere on the front page of your gallery.Made very simply, the Comment Exchange is a list of people who will comment back on your work if you comment on theirs.I did this very thing before even knowing about the Comment Exchange, and now I'm proud to be a part of this group of dedicated commentors! And now, a bit about me.I was born November 3rd, 1988, in the Year of the Dragon. I've loved to draw ever since I was very young, and I would always draw animals.  I remember a book of animals that I would look at and get inspiration from.  I had this big stack of paper, and I just kept filling up every one with pictures.  Back then they were all pencil drawings, and not very good (but really, what could you expect at that age).  Everyone else thought they were good, though... My favorite animal was the tiger--right up until I found out that there was such a thing as dragons!  The fire-breathers immediately took the top spot and never gave it up. I guess that was the start of my love of fantasy. I did stop drawing animals for a long time, though, and landscapes started to interest me.  I love its imperfect perfection.  I stayed with that all through my schooling years from 9th grade to graduation.  I was home-schooled, though, so I was 15 at the end of it.  During that time, I discovered my love of the English language.  Some people say it's the dumbest language in the world.  I pity them.  English, to me, is the language of literature.  You can express anything in a million different ways, and that's what writing is all about.  After that,  I took the ACT and surprised myself with a 98 percentile in English Usage & Grammar.  I really started looking at what I had: another talent or tool to make use of. It might not have gone anywhere, but a summer reading program at a library near where I live got me into reading.  I had already read the Lord of the Rings and other books like Eragon, but that's what really catapulted me into fantasy stories.  And along with that, *fanfare*, came a revival of my artistic side! And here, of course, are some of the results. I'd appreciate any comments, critiques, and advice. Just a few more facts about me: I'm the second oldest kid in a family of 11 (including parents).  Here's the list.  :P --Dad & Mom --my older brother, who has a 'blades' style of artwork that's very cool.  we're very close. --ME!  ,,v. ^_^ .v,, --bratty sister... 'nough said.  has a good amount of artistic skill, but doesn't have the passion. --sister who is crazy about manga and isn't have bad at drawing it.  we're very close. --sister who gets her manga obsession from her older sister.  very cute.  we're quite close. --sister --sister --sister --baby sister.  there's about a 10 year gap between her and the rest.  she's so cuuuuute!!! My dad is a very good artist--not well-known, but well-skilled.  He wouldn't say so, of course: he's the very modest type.  Anyway I guess the artsy side rubbed off on me the most.  It's on the two oldest sisters second-most, and my older bro the third.  The second-to-youngest isn't half bad, though. Some more random of facts: I'm an avid gamer.  Pretty good at Super Smash Bros. (go Marth!) Love the Zelda series. LOVE to role-play in Middle-earth. Well, thanks again for dropping by.  I'll definitely return the favor.  ^_^ I like Writing, Artwork, Role-playing, Reading, Gaming Favourite movies Lord of the Rings, Star Wars Favourite books Lord of the Rings, Eragon Favourite music Classical, Jazz