I'm a female (last time I checked) with brown hair and brown eyes, but aspire to be something less... drab. I have yet to solve the metaphysic puzzle of "Who am I?" and search out the pieces of that puzzle in my writing, in my characters. They also help to keep me out of the stereotypical teenage attitude: the depression, the drama, and the politics. However, I delight in watching these events; they add a sense of realism to my works. Not to mention that it amuses me to no end.... I am inspired by nature, which ceaselessly changes and patiently tolerates humans until the time is right to destroy and recreate life. I especially like the rain. Long walks through the 'natural' parks around my surburban house keep me sane, and spark my imagination till I have to dunk my head in water to keep the sparks from changing my dull brown hair to a crisp, charcoal black. Though the change would be temporarily welcome. I prefer humor over romance, action over horror. I love other languages, can speak three of them, am learning two others. I dabble in drawing, though my work pales in comparison to any in this community. Favourite movies Firefly, Paprika, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Anything by Hayao Miyazaki Favourite books Death Gate Cycle Series by Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickmann, Otherland by Tad Williams, Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Prachett, Wild Seed by Octavia Butler, Perdido Street Station by China Miéville

Lost Soul

Danny died and went to Heaven. This much he knew. But he didn't receive the satisfaction that those around him got on a daily basis. And no one will tell him why. Though when he finds out, he must do the unthinkable: make a deal with the Devil to save his soul.

Standby for Countdown...

This is a story about a captain who unwittingly angers his computer's intelligence, nearly ending up responsible for the death of his crew. In order to save them, he must outsmart the system. The only catch is... he's blind.


A new twist to shapeshifters. Koren wakes to find himself trapped in human form, only he can't transform back! This is his story of how he fought against the odds, keeping his sanity while everything worked against him.


A stream-of-consciousness story about a human-turned-android fighting to survive in a world that clearly doesn't want it alive. As the story progresses, the AI shifts from human to machine, struggling to find an identity through the experience.